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Victor Kumok, Yakov Pasik, Dmitry Abramson, Pavel Bernshtam, Harry Boonin, Barry Chernik, Sarah Christiansen, Mel Comisarow, Marcos Curzon,Patricia Eames, Rose Feldman, Chaim Freedman, Lou Goldman, Max Heffler, Nancy Holden, Mario Jeifetz, Ayana Kimron, Terri Naiditch, Alberto Setzer, Raymond Ravinsky, Toby Rodney, Michoel Ronn, Alexander Sharon, Joel Spector, Ben Weinstock, Steven Weiss, Ronit Zadikov, Karen Ziselman.

We need your help!
In order to create a on-line database with colonists names we need
volunteers who can translate documents, such as census, metrical books,
shultz election lists etc. Write us if you have appropriate skills (Russian,
Hebrew) and the time!

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Research Contact: Chaim Freedman
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