Alexandrovskii District


Jewish Colony No. 5



 47° 28' /  36° 44'


Rokhel Luban (previously Berchansky)

(nee Namakshtansky)

of Kolonya Trudoliubovka (Engels) with three of her brothers. Left to Right:  Her cousin, Benyomin Komisaruk (who was murdered in 1920 somewhere in the colony region during the Civil War), Shmilik Namakshtansky , Khaim Namakshtansky (who died of Meningitis before the pogrom) and far right: Pinkhas Namakshtansky.

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Trudoliubovka cemetery 1922 after Makhno pogrom.


Trudolyubovka - Mass grave, 1919.

Makhno army.


Makhno band.

Rokhel's Memoirs

Rokhel's Map


Established 1855

(Destroyed in a Dec 24, 1918 pogrom)


At the end of 1885 there were 32 families in the colony.


From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

(Hamelitz 1883)

A letter describing the depressed condition of the colonies a year (#should be two years) after the pogrom when the farmers had not yet recovered and again they were smitten by a plague of murrain and most of the cattle died).

Hamelitz 1884: February 2)

These past few years in succession the land has ceased to give its strength now is the grain which was planted last summer successful. The children ask for bread and there is none. Also the cattle have fallen to a plague. The supervisor assisted three of teh colonies in this Government, Priyutnaya, Roshkoshnaya and Rovnopol, as the committee gave a sum of 1500 rubles. -Yaakov Bruk.


Report of the Trudoliubovka pogrom


Surnames: Abramovich, Btat, Ber, Girsh, Goldshmid, Golonski, Istkovich, Kagan, Kazintsov, Levins, Mol, Namakshtansky / Namak, Rabinovich, Rubin, Seifers, Shechter, Shlakhter, Tovis, Tsirulnikov, Yolovs, Zipursky

Revision Lists of 1858

Sources: WWWW, Avotaynu XIII/4/31


Photo Gallery:

Namakshtansky survivors of the 1918 pogrom

Velvel  and Shmilik Namashtansky

Mass grave in Trudolyubovka. 1919.

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