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Migration from Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus 1807 - 1858

to Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Southern Russia and Moldova

From the Pale of Russia to Jewish Agricultural Colonies outside of Russia 1882 -1921

This was a continual shifting of population from place to place. Dates reflect the larger movements.

"A number of agricultural colonies were established initially in Kherson Guberniya from the first decade of the 19th century. The Yekaterinoslav colonies were established later. In 1846 the first group of Jewish colonists set off from the rallying point in Mogilev and headed for a region in Yekaterinoslav Guberniya. This group was subdivided according to town of origin. So several convoys underwent the arduous journey by river and by wagon. The 285 families were divided into six colonies. Subsequently other colonies were established bringing the total to seventeen by the late 1860's. At the peak in the 1880's the Yekaterinoslav colonies housed about 20,000 Jews. The colony region was roughly north of the Sea of Azov, and the colonies were situated in two uyezds, Alexandrovsk and Mariupol."

-Chaim Freedman

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To Australia 1883

The settlement Lvovo (Kherson) was established by Jews who immigrated from Courland around 1841... There was a famine in Courland (currently Latvia)... the entire shtetl (poor starving Jews) floated down the Dnieper River on wooden rafts...-KejilaLinks-Lvovo site


1846 CHART

Country of Origin: Latvia (Courland)

11 families

Town of Origin: (not given)

Selected candidates: None


Ludza, Latvia formerly Lutzin, Vitebsk Gubernia

The Balta Colonies




Mogilev and Vitebst the rallying points

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To Kherson - To Siberia - To Ekaterinoslav


Bessarabia Oblast Jewish settlements

1846 CHART

Government of Origin: Vitebsk 175 families Town of origin: Lutzin and Polotsk. Selected families: 160 Lutzin

1 Polotsk

"And there was also a colony at Sibbald, in south eastern Alberta, named the Montefiore Colony. My grandfather homesteaded there in 1910." -Calgary, AB, Canada

From Dnepropretovsk to Mariupol

1846 CHART

Government of Origin: Kovno 41 families

Town of origin: Rassein and Salant. Selected families: 11 Rassein

30 Salant


"There is still a school district in North Dakota named Montefiore, according to the
article. (The Minot, ND Daily News. Dec 14, 1968)" -D.Kohanski




Canadian Colonies

Trace the route from Kherson to Mariupol

"These Jews were termed "vechni aradotari", renters forever, as
their original leaseholds of 40 desyatin (1 desyatin = 1.09 hectares =
10,900 square meters = 2.9 acres) could be neither bought nor sold, but
only passed on to succeeding generations. The divisions of land amongst
the males in succeeding generations meant that only one or two individual
families could survive on the land causing other offspring to migrate to
the surrounding towns and cities. Due to the limited economic
opportunities, overall political oppression and periodic pogroms, starting
in the 1890s many of these agricultural Ukrainian Jews migrated to
Palestine, South Africa, Australia and the Americas."-Mel Comisarow
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