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The Holocaust period and colonies

In 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, putting in immediate danger the approximately 3,000,000 Jews who lived in the Soviet republics. Hard on
the heals of the rapidly advancing Wermacht were the Einzatsgruppen, the special SS units whose function was to put into action the Final Solution and exterminate the Jews of the Soviet Union.

In the Ukraine, in that area where were located the Jewish Agricultural colonies, most of which had been Sovietised as collectives,  and their adjacent urban communities, the killing process was carried out by Einsatzgruppe D.

After the war, the details of the numbers of Jews who perished were not readily available in the West, obscured by the descent of the Iron Curtain. With the dismantling of the Soviet Union, much information about the Holocaust became available. Local authorities collated lists of the victims, eyewitness reports were recorded, and articles were write, both by Ukrainian and Jewish researchers.

Considerable material is available on the Internet:

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