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 Contorer Family of Chicago

This is a photo of my great grandfather Joseph Contorer in front of his shoe store in Chicago. He is pictured with his wife (my great grandmother Mary Jaffe Contorer) and their children. 

My great grandfather Joseph CONTORER was born in Berislav on January 3, 1867 according to his death certificate. His father, Jacob CONTORER, had some position of authority ther (supposedly a magistrate of some sort).

The name CONTORER is rare.  I have met a KONTORER family currently living in Los Angeles and another KONTORER family currently living near Miami. Both of the KONTORER families moved to the United States within the last 10 or 15 years from Russia and their familles are from Kreminchug. 

Part of my CONTORER family moved to France many years ago from Russia and spell the name KANTORER. 

Kimberly Klapman Sheintal


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