Chynadiyovo, Ukraine

Чинадiэво, Украïна

Bereg-Szentmiklós (HU), Činad'ovo (CZ), Chinadiyevo (RU), Chinadiev (Yiddish)

Lat: 48° 29', Long: 22° 50'

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Chynadiyovo is a small farming village in the suburbs of Mukachevo (Munkács) in Transcarpathian Ukraine. It was on the eastern frontiers of the Kingdom of Hungary from the 11th century until 1918, when it was known as Bereg Szentmiklós. It was located in Bereg megyé (county) and Munkácsi járás (district). It then became part of the newly formed country of Czechoslovakia (1918-1938), where the region was referred to as Podkarpatská Rus, and the Czech name of the town was ?inad'ovo. The region reverted to Hungary during World War II, and then was annexed to the Soviet Union in 1945 until Ukrainian independence in 1991. Today, it is part of Mukachevskiy (Mukachivs'kyy) rayon (district) and the Zakarpats'ka oblast (county) of Ukraine.


Chynadiyovo is located about 6 miles ENE of Mukachevo.

Other variations of spelling/names found for Chynadiyovo are: Szentmiklós, Beregszentmiklós, Csinagyijevo, Csinagyijovo, Cinadovo, Cinadevo, Tschynadijowo, Czynadajewe, Chynadiyeve, Chynadiiovo, and ?inadijevo.

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