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Grandparents in Chumalovo c. 1924 , Isruel Slomovic and Pessel Sura Motyovich,with my aunt Mariam on the left and Aunt Rachel on the right in front of their home in Chumalovo then in Czech Maramoros.

48°12' N 23°33' E in the Zakarpats'ka Oblast, formerly in the Maramoros county of Austria Hungary. Between the wars: Chomalovo was annexed by Czechoslovakia. It became a part of the USSR after WW2, and now in the Ukraine.

Other names: Somanfalva {Hun}, Csmolif {Yidish}, Chumaleve, Chumaliovo {Ukr} Nearest larger cities: Dragovo Bushtina, Aleksandrovka, Khust




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