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View of Chumalovo


                                                                                                   Chumalovo photos contributed by Alexandra Ruzman

Chumalovo Village                                  A House In Chumalovo
              Main Street In Chumalovo                                                                   House In Chumalovo

jewish cemeteryinchumalovo

Jewish Cemetery in Chumalovo
Destroyed in 1941
There is a cowpath in front and a farm at the top of the hillside

                                                                           Only Visible Stone in the Chumalovo Cemetery

Overgrown with Weeds on Hillside

               Overgrown with weeds
brokenstoneinchum..cemetery    brokenmarkersinchumalovocemetery     onlystonestandinginchumalovocemetery
                A fragment of a stone                                  Another fragment                           Yoseph a simple and honest man
                                                                                                                           son of Shmuel Yehuda died January 1924


 Other Village Views

  Terebla River In Krychovo     Road To Krychovo

              Tereblya River In Krychovo                                                               Road To Krychovo

Tereblya River In Dravhovo                    main

               Tereblya River In Drahovo                                                               Main Street In Drahovo

Kolachava Main Street                   Kolochava Scenery
Helen Wolf  Kolachava photos
           Kolachava Main Street With Cow                                                        Kolachav Scenery

Kolachava Laundromat

Kolochava Laundromat


                            KOLACHAVA                                                                                                                 Photo contributed by Susan W. Turnbull

The Chumalovo Photos

Alexandra Ruzman is a young women that I met through the Radix Forum. She wrote that she would be visiting family in Chumalovo:" I will visit my family in Ukraine Chumalovo  this summer, June 2010. My grandfather Ivan Rozman came to Belgium in 1930 with his wife Anna Shuka, the rest of the family live in Michigan USA or in Chumalovo. They are Bysantin, or orthodox, perhaps some jewish origins. I am Belgian, my father born in Belgium isTscheq [Chhumalovo  was  Tcheq in  1930.]"

Hope I can help you
sorry I speak French:]

Alexandra Anna Rozman

I contacted her and asked if she would take photos of Chumalovo. I explained that it was my mother's ancestral home and that my grandfather was buried in the Jewish Cemetery and that I had never seen pictures of Chumalovo. Since my French language skills were a leftover from high school, I wrote in English.
She answered " I will take pictures et photo next week. Send me your email adress...I will post them for you"
next "I am coming back from Chumalovo were I visited my family Ruzman. The Jewish were shoping and dealing and lived together max 80 people, without meddling in the affairs of the village of 600 people, they practised the Sabbath on pray and reading the Torah all day. They never mixed with the Catholic Orthodox. The village was in peace since 1400 AD, the Jewish community left Chumalovo in 1941 leaving their property  to the neighbors. They never came back.. The cemetery has been abandoned and looted during the Soviet reign. I found some photos for you. Greetings, Alexandra"
next "in case ou would like to know more about your mom village, a big part of my family live there.
You can use the photo, they are for you. You may see the hill of the cemetery, you have a farm behind it and a cow road in front.
My cousin live in Michigan Flushing Flint, they arrived in USA in 1935. They are Bysantin Orthodox. Named Zuk. Many Ukrainian live there."

"PS I cleaned the stones, and around it, you should visit...It is a mess. I can't read Hebrew, sorry. My husband is Arabic."
My pleasure to help you."

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Compiled by Helen Ganz Kastenbaum
last updated August 5, 2010
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