Brid Holocaust

Some families were deported by the Hungarians to Poland in 1941. Yaakov Ekstein's daughter-in-law, Sura Rivka, daughter of Rabbi Avrum Dov KLEINBARD (Shochet from Rakoshin) and her two children were deported to Kamienets-Podolski (as releated by Zalmen STRULOVIC, USA). In addition, Chana, the daughter of Avrohom Yaakov KATZ, along with her husband Yitschok Sholom ADLER, and their children, were deported with the other Jews in 1944.

Yitschok Shulem ADLER fell ill and had to go to hospital. In the meantime, the ghetto was liquidated and Suri ADLER, then 12 years old, hid under the bed when the family was arrested and forced to march to the woods where they were shot. With heavenly asistance, Suri ADLER managed to walk by foot to the Hungarian border, dressed as a peasent girl, eventually crossing over the border and arriving in Szvalyva. At first, she was arrested, but with help of her cousin Yosef SPIEGEL she was freed and able to return to Brid. There she lived with her grandfather. All the village people came to hear her stories. (as releated by Suri GOLDSTEIN-ADLER, Israel)

Yosef Zvi WEISZ and his brother Yisroel Volf WEISZ, children of Mordchai WEISZ, from Brid, hid in the barn of one of their fathers business friends, thus they managed to skip being deported.

The day after Passover 5704 (16 April 1944), the general roundup of all Brid's Jews began. They were all taken to the ghetto, where they cowered for a month or so and then were transported to Auschwitz.

~ Brid Holocaust Data ~

The names below are from the Nevek deportation lists.
Source: The Nevek Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals listed as living in or born in Brod. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a name = Mrs. )

NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth
ABRAHAMOVICS,Mozes 1909 KATZ, Mor 1917 SINGER, Ferenc 1903
ABRAMOVICS, Nathan 1915 KATZ, Samu 1909 STARK, Borbala 1898
BREUER, Moricné 1900 KOPOLOVICS, Izrael 1907 STEIN, Istvanné 1923
ECKSTEIN, Jakab 1895 KOPOLOVICS, Samuel 1910 SZANDER, Jakab 1898
ECKSTEIN, Lipot 1929 LAXNER, Laszlo 1911 SZEKELY, Sandor 1908
FRIEDMANN, Mozes 1929 LEDERER, * 1910 SZILVAY, Sandorné 1887
FRIEDMANN, Rudolf 1914 MERMELSTEIN, Simon 1919 SZRALKOVICS, Oszkar 1873
FRIEDMANN, Zoltan 1918 NEMES, Sandor 1879 WACHTENHEIM, Franz 1923
GELB, Mozes 1914 REINER, Ferencné 1903 WACHTENHEIM, Julius 1927
HALASZ, Jozsefné 1905 RINGWALD, Edené 1909 WEBER, Helena 1925
HAMSEL, Laszlo 1911 ROTH, Adolf 1917 WEBER, Izidor 1914
HECHT, Jakob 1916 ROTH, David 1929 WEBER, Jakab 1915
HEISLER, Mark 1902 ROTH, Jakab 1903 WEBER, Kalman 1928
HOFFMANN, Zsigmondné 1892 SCHWARCZ, Hermann 1894 WEBER, Sandor 1922
ISZOVICS, Jakab 1925 SCHWARCZ, Jakab 1891 WEISZ, Hermann 1922
JAKABOVICS, Hermann 1921 SCHWARCZ, Majer 1919 WELLNER, Sandor 1883
JAKOBOVITS, Abraham 1908 SCHWARTZ, Hermann 1926 ZISZOVICS, Marton 1928
JUTKOVICS, Szerena 1921 SCHWARTZ, Mor 1901 ZISZOVICS, Menyhert 1903
KALDOR, Tamas 1932 SCHWIMMER, Dezso 1917  

~ Cave nearby Brid ~

Jews hid in the cave pictured below. Their fate is unknown.

( Click the image to view a larger image. )
Cave I
Photo: Courtesy of Igor STEINBERGER, USA


Cave II
Photo: Courtesy of Igor STEINBERGER, USA

Cave III
Photo: Courtesy of Igor STEINBERGER, USA


~ Brid Holocaust Survivors ~

If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Brid,
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