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Some Famous Folks from Bóbrka

ISRAEL BEN MOSES HALEVI OF ZAMOSC SEGAL (17101772), a.k.a, Israel of Zamosc, scholar and writer.

Segal was born in Bóbrka, studied at the rabbinical academy in Zamosc, and lived for some time in Berlin, where he was one of the teachers of Moses Mendelssohn. After returning to Eastern Europe, he spent the remainder of his life in Brody. He was an early opponent of Hasidism, and one of the first authors to include Haskalah ideas in his writings. He emphasized the importance of knowing science and mathematics in order to understand the Talmud better.

Summarized from the Encyclopaedia Judaica

MICHAEL ZOHARY (18981983), Israeli botanist.
Biblical Botany Books Hebrew U.
Zohary was born in Bóbrka, and went to Erez Israel in 1920. He joined a team of research workers at the Hebrew University . His research covered a wide section of the Middle East and led to his publishing more than 100 papers and books on the flora of the area. In 1952 he was appointed professor of botany at the Hebrew University and in 1954 he was granted the Israel Prize in Science.

Summarized from the Encyclopaedia Judaica

ARIEH ALLWEIL (1901-1967), Israeli artist.
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Allweil was born in Bóbrka in 1901, and immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1920 where he became a memeber and later a leader of the Galilean settlement, Bittania. It was there that he decided to become an artist and went to Vienna and Dresden to study art between 1921-25. He taught art in Israel and received the Dizengoff Prize twice, and in 1955, the Turov Prize for Bible Illustrations. He published a series of linoleum cuts of Israeli and Biblical subjects, also illustrated a Passover Haggada and large scale murals of Holocaust. From 1952 until his death he lived in Tel Aviv and Safed. Allweil donated all the poignant art for the Boiberke Memorial Book.
YOEL GREBEL (1912-1992), Israeli artist: painting and metal embossing.

Grebel was born into a Hassidic family in Bóbrka, studied art and graphics in Lwow, and emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1936. He studied botany for a year at the Hebrew University with Professor ZOHARY (see above), then later studied art at Bezalel and the Avni Institute. He became a member of the Artists' Association in 1955, participated in group and individual exhibitions and taught art and lithography classes. He described himself as being "a Jewish painter in Eretz-Israel".

Summarized from "Gazit", vol.5, no. 15., and from"Yoel Grebel, A Painter", 1994, Edited by David Giladi


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