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AJGS Cemetery Project Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies report on the state of Jewish cemeteries in the Ukraine. Although this report states that the cemetery in Bóbrka still exists, a recent visitor to Bóbrka (a native who remembers the cemetery from childhood) says it is no longer extant. Here listed under the current town name, "Bibrka"
Family History Center Make use of the free services made available by the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons).



Gesher Galicia Special Interest Group for Glaician Jewish Family History under the auspecies of JewishGen
Archive Addresses Lwiw and Kiew


Jewish Genealogy

JewishGen Undisputed home of Jewish Genealogy.
London2001 The plans and schedules for he International Jewish Genealogy Summer Seminar are now online and linked from the JewishGen home page.
Travel Combining London and Eastern Europe in one trip can be tricky. So if your plans include visiting your ancestral shtetl in conjunction with London2001, be sure to sign up early . You will not only be sure of reserving space, but most importantly you'll allow plenty of time for productive pre-research.



Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Ongoing volunteer project to transcribe immigrant ship passenger lists. Searchable by date, port embarkation, port of disembarkation, ship name, captain name, passenger name.



Landsleit Home Pages

Bev Shulster My father was born in Bóbrka and emigrated first to Vienna, then to Holland and eventually to the U.S. and finally to Israel.


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