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Bóbrka and Galician History - Another time, another place


  • Bóbrka   (Brief summary from Pinkas Hakehilot soon to be on-line at JewishGen)
    • General and Jewish Population figures over the years
      Year Total Jewish
      1765 ? 713
      1859 2817 1778
      1880 4348 2007
      1890 4939 2395
      1900 5315 2500
      1910 5628 2502
      1921 4391 1480
      1931 ? 1833
      (Statistics from Pinkas Hakehilot)

    • Town History
      The town was founded in 1469. In the late 17th century the town began to prosper and at the beginning of Austrian rule weaving was an established cottage industry and the well made products found their way as far as Gdansk (Dansig) and Vienna.

      It seems that the first Jews arrived in 1661. During the Kingdom of Poland period they were generally tradesmen and inn-keepers, with a few professionals, among them a goldsmith whose work was sought after in the entire region.

      Once the Austrian Empire aquired Galicia, the Jews were subject to special taxes and were even assessed for "back taxes" from the Polish period.

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