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Scan of Section on Belchatow 
in the 1929 Polish Business Directory

This is a scan of the pages (820-821) about Belchatow from JRI-Poland/ JewishGen's 1929 Polish Business Directory Project -- the goal of which is to index the 1929 Polish business directories of all cities and towns in Poland. High resolution images of actual directory pages are available in PDF format at this site. A Town Search Engine to locate the specific pages is also available there. 

The scanned image on top is a description of the town (first in Polish and then in French) that contains geographic, political, and social information (from page 820). 

The scanned image below that (from page 821) is a continuation of the description in French followed by a listing of businesses and proprietors. The Industries/Businesses are listed in Polish (with French translation in parentheses) and range from doctor and banker to midwife and stall-operator at the weekly marketplace. Each is followed with a list of names of the proprietors and merchants. An X before a name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm.

Click here (or click "Up" below) for a translation of the above.

Click here for a listing of the businesses and proprietors alphabetized by surname.

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