Israeli flag
Be'er Tuvia, Israel
באר טוביה

Coordinates:  31° 44' 9.78" N  34° 43' 25.81" E
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The Fallen



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War Memorial

War Memorial
(photos: Avishai Teicher)
Military Cemetery Entrance

Military Cemetery Entrance
Irgun Soldier

Ezra Ajami
Irgun Soldier
Military Cemetery

Military Cemetery
Civilian Cemetery

Civilian Cemetery Gate
Grave of Dr. Chaim Yizraeli, 1929 Riot murder victim

Dr. Chaim Yizraeli
1929 Riot Murder Victim
Civilian Cemetery

Civilian Cemetery
Benjamin Zvi Rozin, 1929 Riot Murder Victim

Benjamin Zvi Rozin
1929 Riot Murder Victim
Resident of Kastina village

Resident of Kastina Village
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