2 July 1892:   Invitation to the
25th Anniversary Celebration of the Beckum Synagogue
Officiating: Teacher J. Osterman


9 Sep 1925:  Lilly and Jacob Raphael.  Marriage Certificate, Beckum
Heinz (Zeev) Raphael.  Birth Certficate, Beckum 2 Feb 1927




30 Jan 1927"Kind Rafael"

Weight diagram 



1 June 1928:   Heinz (Zeev) Raphael 
Inoculation certificate 
Issued by Dr Walter Kronenberg who later lived in Nahariya, Israel

July 1933.  Gardefest  in Beckum

Photos taken from window at Nordstrasse 8


28 March 1934:  Heinz (Zeev) Raphael
School report card  
Grade 1




1938:  The Community House under the Swastika
Photo taken after 1938 Pogromnacht
(Note: Hebrew inscription over entrance has been removed)
The front part of the building with
the school - first floor
the teacher's quarter - ground floor

Photo: From Hugo Krick's book


1980: Letter to Beckum Town Council
Protest at disregard of fate of Beckum Jewish Community
in Jubilee Volume for 750th Anniversary of Beckum
(page 1 of letter)



2 April 1987:  Ceremony at Beckum Rathaus
On the occasion of publication of the book JEWS IN BECKUM.
Address by Dr Diethard Aschoff
1988:  Official Invitation to visit Beckum
22 Sep 1988: Invitation by the Mayor of Beckum
12 Oct 1988:  Decline of Invitation

8 Nov 1998: Kristallnacht Memorial Service
at the Emek Shalom Holocaust Memorial, Richmond VA:
Honoring Hugo Krick - who "at great risk to his career, his standing in his
religious community and his personal safety, has courageously  reminded
the people of Beckum,  Germany for sixty years about the inhuman attack
that occurred there in 1938."
Credit for initiating this Ceremony, and for securing the Certificate of Recognition
                 is due to Mrs Inge Horowitz of Richmond VA

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