The Jews of Krakow and its Surrounding Towns


What's New on the Krakow Website?

Below is a list of new or amended pages appearing on the Krakow website for the past several months. They are listed in reverse chronological order. These links can also be found on the menu at the upper left corner of this screen.

August 2005

March 2004

January 2004

  • Kataster: Updated with over 8,000 new records.

December 2003

November 2003

  • Bochnia Conference: Conference on Jews of Bochnia held in Bochnia.
  • Kataster: New project to obtain a HUGE database covering a period of an entire century.
  • Bochnia: Yet another addition to our series on Krakow's surrounding shtetls.

October 2003

September 2003

August 2003

July 2003

June 2003

May 2003

  • Niepolomice Memorial Updated explanation and history about this memorial.
  • Its All Relative A new interactive tool to demonstrate relationships, kinship numbers and more. Access this via the menu at the top of the page.
  • Jewish Colonial Trust Help find Krakow shareholders (or their inheritors) who are entitled to claim from this company.
  • Balaban Book: Description of the new Hebrew edition of this, the most  important historical book on Krakow.
  • Shtetlinks/Krakow apologizes for being offline for the last week of April. The problems were beyond our control, and due to Shtetlinks changing over to a new server.
  • Updated Krakow Survivor List  This is now one of our largest databases of those who survived the Holocaust and were either born in Krakow, lived in Krakow after the war, or else owned property in Krakow. The Krakow archives has now added an extra 1,000 names to this list, which now has over 11,000 names. PLUS we have an additional "Notes" field. This database is temporarily located on our Shoreshim server.
  • Holocaust Testimonies  New list of 450 Holocaust survivors who submitted testimony about the atrocities they witnessed and experienced. Most include date and place of birth.

April 2003

  • Helpful Tools Handy tools such as calendar conversions, Soundex calculations, Polish pronunciation and Polish numerology. These can be accessed via the menu at the top of this page
  • Jewish Life in Krakow: A link to the Virtual Cinema of  Stephen Spielberg's Jewish Film Archives. Provides an idea of how our ancestors might have lived in Krakow before the Holocaust. This 10 minute film clip was taken in 1939.
  • Association of Cracovians in Israel: Details about this organization
  • Our Krakow Family Family tree of over 24,000 Krakowans. (Due to specific DataBase requirements, this program is on the Shoreshim site.)
  • Kazimierz Map: Modern-day map of Kazimierz showing house numbers.

March 2003

  • News Item - Prince Charles Visit to Krakow and establishment of new fund. 
  • The Parochet: Now updated with English names.
  • Settlers in Israel. Updated list of over 650 Krakowans who settled in Israel (pre- and post-Holocaust era)
  • Schindler's List Revisited: New data and lists concerning 'Schindler's List'.
  • The Parochet: Picture and names from Torah Ark Curtain in Krakow Museum
  • Ester & the King: An essay in our Hebrew section. (Viewable only in pdf format).
  • Jewish Sites: A brief description of all Jewish sites of historical interest in Krakow.
  • Re-instatement of Databases on the Shoreshim server. Some of these databases will reside permanently at this site. Others will be hosted there pending transfer to JewishGen. 
  • TribeFinder. Finally, we have a home for this utility which allows one to record the tribal status (Kohen or Levi) of our ancestors.
  • Krakow Library: A detailed listing of books dealing with Krakow.

February 2003

  • Removal of Databases  Our databases are now in the process of being moved to the main JewishGen site. This will enable the names in all databases to be searched by a single click. We have no idea when the data will appear on JewishGen, but we hope it will be soon. Unfortunately, the Shtetlinks server doesn't have the CPU (processing) power to handle database searches, and we have no option other than to move sites.  
  • Krakow Survivors One of our biggest databases (over 10,000 names) of those who survived the Holocaust and were either born in Krakow, lived in Krakow after the war, or else owned property in Krakow.
  • Krakow Regional Map Modern day map of nearby towns.

January 2003

  • Krakow Regional Map Modern day map of nearby towns.
  • All data shown in the  Jewish Status, Renunciation of Citizenship, 1929 Directory, 1935 Directory and Krakow Ghetto webpages have been converted into searchable databases. This is now more user-friendly, is quicker to download, and allows one to search the individual's plus his parents' surnames. 
  • Krakow Refugees in Vilna List of 175 Krakow Jews who fled to Vilna in ~1939.
  • Krakow Album As part of our ongoing attempts to make this site more user-friendly, all the images on this site are being transferred to a central depository. Although this album program takes marginally longer for images to download, it should still make the process of browsing much simpler. Over the next few weeks, those existing pages which contain images will have their images removed, and a link will be inserted directing the viewer to the album. If anyone has images they wish to donate, please submit them to the webmaster. We hope the viewers will find this utility to be a significant improvement, but please let us know if you find any problems or 'bugs' in this program.
  • Feldblyum Collection Collection of early Krakow images 
  • New Hebrew section. The main menu now has a link to our Hebrew section. There are numerous Hebrew documents dealing with Krakow which we would like to make available on this site. Translation of such documents is an immense task and beyond the scope of our many volunteers, so we are faced with the task of omitting these documents completely, or else making it available in Hebrew. Lilly Haber and Miriam Romm have been instrumental in getting this Hebrew section started. (We also have many Hebrew-speaking viewers, and this section will be of prime benefit to them). We intend to add a Polish section for our Polish viewers in the near future.
  • Postcards from Krakow Several pre-WWII cards donated by S. Leistner Bloch

December 2002

  • Genealogy Quiz Improve your genealogy skills.
  • New user interface. "Frames" removed and new navigation menu installed.

November 2002

  • Jewish Status List of 2,500 names of Jews living in Krakow c1942. See page for details.

October 2002

  • Renunciation of Citizenship List of almost 1,500 Jews who relinquished their Polish citizenship in order to emigrate. This is a joint collaboration project with the Krakow Archives.