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Welcome to Nowy Zmigród!

And Dukla


We were once 5 strangers..........

......JewishGen's Family Finder brought us together in our search for information about our families. We exchanged e-mails and letters hoping to learn more about our Nowy Zmigród Map of Galicia roots. Discovering more questions than answers, however, we decided to pool resources and hire a Poland-based researcher to find whatever could be found about "our town" and ancestors. The results of her remarkable efforts on our behalf, coupled with the ongoing research each of us is involved in, provided the data and inspiration for the creation of this web page.

Although many records were destroyed over the course of two world wars, our researcher found some information relating to each family. She visited archives and libraries, talked with residents and officials, took many photographs, obtained printed maps of the area, drew a street map of the town and gathered historical information to give us a better picture of the times our relatives lived in and through.......and found that four of the five of us were related!!

During the next stage we searched for, and found, folks who were born in Zmigrod. We heard wonderful stories of early family life, and we transcribed these stories onto these pages. With great sadness, we learned of the fate of the Jews still living in Nowy Zmigród in July, 1942. The murder of 1250 men, women and children by the Nazis touched every family. The development of this web page is our loving tribute to their memory and a legacy for future generations.

If you are visiting our page because your family came from Nowy Zmigród (latitude 49° 37´ longitude 21° 32´) or one of the surrounding communities remember that often marriages were arranged between families from neighboring towns, so you may well find information on your surnames where you least expect it. Click on JewishGen web pages expressly devoted to the Krosno Area (krosno is 12 miles ENE of Zmigrod), with stories and photographs from Dukla (8 miles ENE), Korczyna (14 miles ENE), Yaslo (10 miles NNW), Jasienica, Brzozow and Rymanow (15 miles E), Dukla, Frysztak, Strzyzow, and Bukowsko. Other nearby towns: Biecz-15 miles WNW, Jedlicze-9 miles NE, Krempna-7 miles S, Osiek Jasielski-3 miles WNW.

Please feel free to contact any or all of us if you have any questions or information to add. Just like our research, this is an evolving project! The Reunion The photograph on the right shows our reunion with Zmigrod cousins Fred (& Therese) Van Vliet, Max Findling, Phyllis Kramer, Maralyn Steeg, and Max's two sons.
Phyllis Kramer, New York City & Florida web page creator
Debbie Raff, Calif., spiritual guide
Maralyn Steeg, Westchester, editor
Bill Leibner, Jerusalem major contributor
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Looking for some information about a Jewish “Berek” family from Nowy Zmigród

by Jacek LASAK

I'm living in Warsaw, about 450 km from Nowy Zmogród. My Mother lives in Wroclaw (400 from Nowy Zmigród). My grandmother Rozalia Wojtas, born in 1908 in Mytarz, died in 1988 in Nowy Zmigród, and she told to my Mother this story and my Mother still remember some details.

My mother Janina Wojtas was born in 1930 in Mytarz near Nowy Zmigrod (1 km) and remember some Jewish from Nowy Zmigrod, she had some Jewish girl friends in primary school of Nowy Zmigrod and she still remember this girl (she always had some sweets for my Mother …) zmigrod

My Grandmother Rozalia Wojtas, born in 1908 (died in December 1988) was a "housekeeper" in Piwinski Family in Nowy Zmigród. Piwinski Family had a "Traffika" store in the Rynek of Nowy Zmigród.

My Grandmother purchased bread for Piwinski Family, and very often she purchased bread in a Jewish bakery - the best in the Zmigród.This Jewish bakery was located on the center of Nowy Zmigród, on the right : going to the top (from North to the South) of the city form the direction of Jaslo in the direction of Katy-Krempna. So probably for this reason she knew this Jewish Family (owner of this bakery), and she called this Family “Berek” Family but I’m not sure that this is a true name or maybe “a nickname” used by Polish people before War.

Just after the World War II (in 45) Grandmother Rozalia was contacted by one person of this “Berek family”, probably a survivor, a man about 25-30 years old, not killed at Halbow forest in 1943 and this person looked for member of Berek family- probably 2 sisters (he probably had 2 sisters in Zmigród as my Mother told me).

Just after WW II (in 45) my mother was 15 years and this survivor a man, about 25-30 years old told to my grandmother Rozalia that my mother Janina was very similar to his sister and he wanted to take my mother back to USA...My grandmother refused.

After WWar my Grandmother Rozalia lived in Mytarz (with my mother Janina).And as I know in Nowy Zmigród there were 2 bakeries just before War but my mother is not sure which one of these 2 bakeries/Jewish family can be involved in.

Do you have any information about this “Berek” Family from Nowy Zmigrod , probably owner of bakery?
Jacek LASAK, 10.11.2014
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1939 German Minority Census: Folks born in Nowy Zmigrod

Most of the German 1939 minority census has been indexed and you can research surnames **and towns**. I put in my ancestral Polish and Austrian towns and was able to search Jewish people living in Germany in 1939 who were born in that specific Polish or Austrian town, getting their birth date, maiden name and location in 1939. Of course you can search by surname too.

The description is at It reads: "Currently, the searchable data includes persons who can be proven to have perished in the Holocaust, those who were born prior to 1903 (+110 years ago), and others who deceased prior to 1984 (+30 years ago). Of the approximately 410,000 original entries, about 275,000 (or around 67%) of the "Minority Census" are available here online... Tracing the Past is honored to have the opportunity to share this research tool online. " and the index can be searched here:

The folks born in our town and living in Germany in 1939 included:

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