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Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Jewish population of Zvenigorodka had fallen to 1957.  Most of the remaining Jews were murdered when the Germans invaded Zvenigorodka in World War II,  The Germans occupied Zvenigorodka on July 29, 1941.  In August and September 1941, approximately 100 Jewish men were executed.  The Nazis then created a ghetto to confine the Jewish residents of Zvenigorodka and Katerynopol.  On November 3, 1941, they established a ghetto that assigned three or four families to each house.  The Zvenigorodka ghetto was located between Shevchenko Avenue, Comintern Street, Zhdanov Street, Pionerskaya Street and Karl Liebknecht Street.  On June 14, 1942, the Nazis executed at least 1,500 Jews in the Oforny forest, and around 100 Jews were sent to a comp in Iskrennoe. 

The mass graves from the execution of the Jews remain near Zvenigorodka.  According to Lo Tishkach, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Europe, there are four mass graves near the town.  Three of them are in close proximity to each other in the Dihrova forest.  The first is from the mass execution in July, 1942.  The date of the second mass grave is unknown, but the third grave site, from August 1943, is a mass grave of children.  The fourth mass grave (Gubskaya Dacha) is in the forest, and it also dates from 1942.

There is currently a memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust at the site of one of the mass graves.

In addition to the four mass graves, Lo Tishkach notes the existence of the Zvenigorodka Jewish Cemetery on Engels Street in the town.  The Jewish cemetery was established in the eighteenth century, but is no longer in use,  

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