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There is a history in all men's lives.
                      William Shakespeare




Jewish history








This site is dedicated to the Jewish community of Zvenyhorodka, known as
Zvenigorodka in Yiddish and Russian, which existed for two hundred years,
until decimated by the Nazis and finally destroyed by the Soviet Union.

Zvenyhorodka is located in Central Ukraine, 95.3 miles SSE of Kiev (Kyyiv in Ukrainian),
the nearest large city, at 49°05'N 24°58'E. 
Zvenyhorodka is in the Cherkasy Oblast (province) and is the administrative center
of the Zvenyhorodka raion (district).

In the nineteenth century it was part of the Russian Empire, which in 1917 it became the Soviet Union.
After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Zvenyhorodka became part of Ukraine.
 The town is now known by its Ukrainian name rather than its Russian name, Zvenigorodka.

This website will continue to use the Yiddish name Zvenigorodka
as that is how the town was known to our ancestors.



"In the summer, on the Sabbath, the [cherry] orchard was like a Garden of Eden.  My grandfather came home from the schull, the Sabbath afternoon meal was served and the family and neighbors would retire to the orchard.  Grandpop would take a nap and join us later.  The atmosphere was festive.  The unmarried of the neighborhood would stroll in.  Pillows and blankets were brought in for lounging.  Flirtations were prevalent.  I don't recall the conversations -- just the good, good feeling of the orchard and the Sabbath."

My Russian Childhood
By Marion Feinstein Goldfus
Born Manya Feinberstein,  Zvenigorodka, 1913                                                                                        

Emigrated from Zvenigorodka in 1921
Written in 1968


If you have roots in Zvenigorodka and have information, pictures, documents or memories about the town that you are willing to share and to add to this kehilalinks page, or if you have suggestions how to improve this page, please contact us at

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