Israeli flag
Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel
זכרון יעקב

Coordinates:  32° 34' 15.00" N  34° 57' 06.00" E
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Zikhron Ya'akov

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Yemenite Names

Yemenite Names


  • Rabbi Abraham ben Zecharia Afgin
  • Yisaschar Cohen
  • Shlomo Cohen
  • Adani Cohen
  • Saadia Cohen
  • Zecharia Cohen
  • Yaish ben David Halevi
  • Rabbi Abraham Halevi
  • Saadia ben David Halevi
  • Zecharia Halevi
  • Shlomo Chaim Hashes
  • Rabbi Hebroni
  • Zecharia Yefet Hebroni
  • Stadia ben Zecharia Hebroni

  • Yosef Levi Hebroni
  • Meshulam Levi Hebroni
  • Yirmi Hebroni
  • Shlomo ben Aharon Hebroni
  • Shlomo ben Asher Karawani
  • Yosef ben Yaakov Levi
  • Shalom Yaakov Levi
  • Yaakov Levi
  • Shalom Chaim Levi
  • Nathan Levi
  • Abraham Levi
  • Amram Masuri
  • Oded Shlomo Masuri




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