This web site is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the town of Zelva now
 in Belarus.  Its purpose is to fill a " Void " .
 The " Void " of a Vanished  Community . 

  Location : Belarus ,  53  09'  N  24 58' E   near  the  border  with  Poland  
  Other names : Zel'va ( Rus, Bel ) , Zelwa ( Pol ) , Zelva ( Yid  )

  Near Large City : Volkovysk

Belarus Map  courtesy of World Atlas
Grodno Gubernia Map
Grodno Region
Zelva Map    courtesy of Google
Pale of Settlement Map courtesy of


                                                            Zelva 1900

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Yizkor Book
The Zelva Yiskor Book published by The Zelva Committee in Israel in 1984 was scanned and all the pages
can be viewed in the original format.
Jack Berger an expert and scholar on Zelva translated Sefer Zikaron Zelva ( The Zelva Memorial Book ) and is
available in most major libraries of the English-Speaking World .

Zelva Yiskor Book


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