Census of  Wojewodztwo Bialostockie 1923
    Obtained by Roseline Glazer from Tomasz Wisniewski, author of the book, Jewish Bialystock & Surroundings in Eastern Poland.

    Data are presented in both Polish and French. In what follows, I have attempted to translate from the French. Commentary has been provided for, in order to facilitate assembly of knowledge.    -JSB


A small town in the Volkovysk district, seat of the Justice of the Peace, and the Tribune d’Arret (Constasbulary(?)) [of] Grodno. Population 2064 inhabitants. One kilometer [of?] the Volkovysk-Baranovich [railroad] line. [Contains]:

    A communal office
    Two cathedrals: one Baptist, one Orthodox [rite]
    Four synagogues
    A regional hospital

Market day:    Thursday
Fairs:        Three times monthly
[Facilities]:     Flour Mills [Mlyny], Sawmills [Tartaki]
        A volunteer fire-fighting corps

    Occupational Listings
        Polish Spelling        English Rendition        Commentary


        Chajecki, Wl.            Chayetzky, Vladimir        Wl. Seems to be an abbreviation for Wlodzimierz recognized by Faygel Garber who said he was non-Jewish. She felt he had not provided good medical care to her mother.

Merchandising Agents (possibly Jobbers)

        Bojarski, L.            Boyarsky, L.            Mildred identifies a Boyarsky family whose daughter, Dina, was the closest girl friend to her aunt Minne (Shapiro) Fox.
        Gelman, M.                            Possible relative of existing Gelman families.
                                        Question is: which one?


        Kisielewska, M.


        Aystetten, K.


        Bank Ludowy (not a person – an institution)        The “National” Bank

Manufacturers of Concrete Products

        Wilenczyk, Sz.                        Possible relative to Friedman/Bereshkovsky families.


        Szelkowicz, I.            Zelikovich, I.            Can this be Isser Zelikovich?
        Werner, K.

Cap Makers
        Borowski, J.
        Kuliszewski, G.        Recognized by Faygel as “Getzel der Kirzhner.”
        Nowik, M.                            Faygel believes he made trousers.

Fabric Dyers

        Salman, H.
        Szapiro, L.            Shapiro, L.            Leib Shapiro, Philip’s grandfather, and Mildred Ragosin’s uncle.
Practical Medics

        Wesolucha, P.


        Golub, J.
        Wiszniewski, E.        Vishnievski, E.


        Borodzicka, Ch.        Borodetzky, Chana        Not to be confused with Borodovsky, relatives to Faygel Garber & her sister, Rachel Borodovsky. My guess is that would be spelled Borodowska in Polish.
        Goldberg, C.
        Szwejski, B.            Shveyski, B.
        Zakhejm, W.            Zackheim, Velvel (?)        Mildred suggests they owned the “department store,” in town, and were “well-to-do.”

Potters (other ceramic products?)

        Arjowicz, R.            Aryovich, R.
        Bojarska, Ch.            Boyarski, Chana (?)

Tea Merchants

        Janowska, F.
        Kaplan, F.
        Peker, Z.


        Indychsztejn, J.        Indichstein, J.


        Bekensztajn, I.
        Beckier, M.                            Suspect relative to Beckers, possibly Morris Spector & Sol Phillips. Recognized by Faygel.
        Falkowicz, H.            Falkowitz, H.
        Frejdzin, J.            Freidin, Joseph        This must be Joseph (Yussel) Freidin, the shoe manufacturer, relative to the Freidins and Bereshkovsky families.        

Savings & Loan Institutions

        Kasa Spoldzielcza (name of an institution)

Cafes (Coffe Houses)

        Lisiecka, Ch.            Lisietzky, Chana


        Arkin, R.
        Bekensztajn, B.
        Berestowicka, D.                        Might this be a Polish rendition of Bereshkovsky ?
        Bialostocki, B.        Bialostotzky, B.
        Bublacka, F.            Bubletzky, F.            Suspect relative to Freidins in Israel
        Falkowicz, M.        Falkowitz, M.
        Falpern, J.                            Faygel suggests possibly “Halpern?”
        Graczuk, R.                            Recognized by Faygel
        Kaplan, Ch.
        Lewin, (initial obscured)
        Lipsztajn, L.
        Peszkin, L.                            Recognized by Faygel
        Polaczek, Ch.
        Ratna, F.            Ratner, Rotner, F.        Suspect Fradel Ratner, emigrated to Israel and lived in Petakh Tikvah. Letter-writer for Bubbeh Laskeh Freidin (katvanit).
        Szapiro, Ch.            Shapiro, Chana        Suspect Shapiro family relative.
        Szelkiewicz, B.                        Suspect Zelikovich


        Kooperatywa w Zelwie
        Wolkowyski Okregowe Stow. Spoldzielcza


        Bajbus, J.
        Bilczyk, H.
        ???skin, M.
        Szulak, W.            Shulyak            Shulyak (Shalev) family relative? Mildred confirms the occupation, and suggests the name Itchkeh.


        Barkon, P.
        Eljowicz, Sz.
        Lew, I.            Lev, I.                Relative of Lev Family?
        Lipski, R.
        Lancewicki, I.        Lantzevitzky, I.        Lantzevitzky/Lance /Lantz Family Relative?
        Lancewicki, L.                        All Lantzevitzkys recognized by Faygel
        Lancewicki, S.                        “
        Marel, S.                            Recognized by Faygel
        Siedlecki, H.
        Wiszniewski, B.        Vishnievski, B.        Faygel thinks he was a barber.

Cooking Utensils

        Blacher, Ch.                            Recognized by Faygel

Painters (artistic)

        Czelowicki, M.        Chelovitzky, M.


        Bykowicki, B.        Bikovitzky, B.
        Epstejn, B.            Epstein, B.
        Kaplan, M.
        Lejbowicz, S.            Leibowitz, M.
        Lewin, Ch.            Levin, Ch.
        Lancewicki, I.        Lantzevitzky, I.        Suspect relative as above
        Szturmankiewicz, L.
        Zakhejm, L.            Zackheim, L.


        Bekenstejn, J.            Beckenstein, J.
        Pupko, A.            Poupko, Abba            Very likely this is Abba Poupko, referenced in the Zelva Memorial Book.

Flour Merchants

        Lewin, Sz.            Levin, Sz.
        Lifszyc, M & H.        Lifschitz, M.&H.
        Perelmutter, A.
        Spektor, L.                            Suspect relative to Spectors?


        Lippert, G.

Milk Cooperative

        Mleczarnia Spoldzielcza (institutional name)

Milk Merchants

        Rafalowicz, E.

Flour Mills

        Borodicki, A.            Borodetsky, A.

        Kowalewski, A.
        Notnicki, J.

Petroleum Products

        Wajsbord, A.


        Alpert, R.
        Chutrycki, Ch.
        Fajngold, D.                            Recognizerd by Faygel
        Lunska, G.
        Melamed, Ch.                            Recognized by Faygel
        Pajkowicz, S.                            Mention of a Feikowitz (Peikowitz) in the ZMB. Recognized by Faygel.    
        Siedlecka, B.
        Zajaczyk, F.
        Zakhejm, T.

Liquor (Beer) Delivery

        Ratne, G.
        Wiszniacka, Sz.


        Izylowski, J.
        Popielinski, M.

General Merchandise

        Blacher, P.
        Szulman, J.            Schulman, J.            Recognized by Faygel. Possibly Joseph.


        Frejdin, A.            Freidin, Avraham        Very likely my grandfather Benjamin’s older brother. Note variant in Polish spelling: Frajdzin/Frajdin.
        Frejdin, I.            Freidin, I.            One of two possibilities: either Itchkeh Freidin , or his cousin, Itcheh Jonah Freidin, both of whom were butchers.
        Notnicki, I.
        Salucki, Ch.            Salutzky, Ch.            Suspect relative of Philip Shapiro, via his mother, Liba Salutzky Shapiro. Faygel thinks this is Choneh (Honya) Salutsky.
        Wiszniewski, D.                        Faygel recognizes this as David Vishnievski , who was hung by the Nazis.

Silage (Hay)

        Blizninski, I.

Saddlery & Stools

        Nowikowski, J.
        Szylowicki, Ch.

Leather Products

        Bekenstejn, J.
        Lewnton, H.
        Pintelewicz, M.                        Recognized by Faygel.
        Szelupski, Z.


        Bekenstejn, I.
        Bekenstejn, L.


        Manski, M.                            Recognized by Faygel.  

Spiritual Products (Denonimation Unspecified)
        Kadziolko, M.


        Ajnstejn, E.                Einstein, M.        Recognized by Faygel
        Chazan, M.
        Epsztejn, J.                Epstein, J.        Recognized by Faygel
        Grazewska, Ch.                        Recognized by Faygel
        Kaniszewska, B.
        Kaplan, I.                            All Kaplans recognized by Faygel
        Kaplan, K.
        Kaplan, W.
        Kopelewicz, Ch.                        Maiden name of Rachel, wife of Jacob Freidin, son of Eliezer (Leizer)  Freidin, presumed to be the daughter of a Zelver Rabbi.
        Matlowski, A.                        Recognized by Faygel
        Mowszowicz, M.            Mavshovitch, M..    Family name of second husband to Bubbeh Genendel Freidin (nee Rubinstein). She was known to have operated a “grocery,” but it is unclear that this was in Zelva or in Bialystock.
        Noznicka, R.                Noznitzky, R.
        Oguszewicz, J.
        Prager, C.
        Pupko, A.                Poupko, Abba        Suspect: Recognized by Faygel
        Szerach, D.
        Szkolniowska, S.
        Szypiacki, G.
        Zlotnicka, R.                Zlotnitzky, R.            Feminine ending. Family name known to Faygel through Nosatsky family marriage.
        Zlotnicki, M.                Zlotnitzky, M.


        Gerenburg, I.
        Putresza, W.

Coordinators (not clear in what sense – Cordonniers??)

        Bekier, N.
        Berniker, M.
        Bobowik, Sz.
        Dziembrowski, L.
        Kankiewicz, N.        Konkevitz, N.
        Kankiewicz, S.        Konkevitz, S.        Suspect Shmuel Konkevitz, referenced in ZMB, relative to Barbara Neibauer. Problem: why S. and not Sz?

        Korewicki, M.
        Kozlowski, J.
        Kozlowski, Sz.
        Losowski, Sz.
        Osttrynski, H.
        Pomieraniec, J.        Pomerantz, J.            Suspect connection to descendants of Lottie Pomerantz Spector.
        Szkolnik, H.
        Wiszniewski, B.        Vishnievski, B.
        Wiszniewski, Sz.        Vishnievski, Sh.

Cloth (literally shmaty in Polish, chiffon in French– the rag trade!)

        Wisniacki, E.            Vishniatsky, E.        Recognized by Faygel


        Bekenstajn, J.
        Feldman, J.


        Borodicki, H.        Borodetzky, H.        Confirmed through a variety of sources.
        Mejerowicz, I.


        Ratner, L.


        Ajnsztejn, M.
        Futrycki, B.        Futritzky, B.            Identified as Berel dem Dayan’s by Mildred Ragosin. Father of Sonia Futrytcki, Mildred’s best girl friend, who perished in the Holocaust. The Dayan, appears to be Rabbi Jacob Futrytcki, whose other son, David, married Hasia Faygel Freidin, and is the progenitor of the Canada & Israeli Ritz families. Berel’s family in Israel changed their name to Orion (Uryon).
        Helman, R.                        Suspect Helman/Gelman relative
        Salucki, A.        Salutzky, A.            Suspect relative to Phil Shapiro via maternal lineage. Recognized by Faygel.
        Sudolnicki, A.


        Stankiewicz, J.
        Woznicki, J.


        Ratner, H.
        Wiszniewski, A.
        Zelman, Sz.                        Recognized by Faygel.

Iron (meaning not clear – blacksmith, ironmongery???)

        Dajchowski, A.
        Lewin, S.
        Szulak, L.            Shulyak, L.        Suspect relative to Shulyak/Shalev families. Recognized by Faygel.
        Wolsztejn, J.                        Recognized by Faygel.

The census also identified the following towns (or hamlets) in the vicinity, that were apparently served by the “county seat” (or its equivalent?) In Zelva:

Cholostowo, Horewicze, Krzywowokonna, Nowosiolki, followed by the French word Briquetteries, for reasons not immediately apparent. This refers to brickmaking facilities, which are then repeated later in the listing.

Property Owners (Landlords, perhaps)

        Anisko, Anna                        (Berezki 92)    Maybe this refers to 92 units in the Bereshko Forest.
        Jankowska, Wiera        Jankowsky, Vera    196
        Jarocki, Winc.                    (Mloduchowo 192) I am certain that this is the forest where Yerachmiel Moorstein was born and raised. His Hebrew rendition caused me to translate this as Medukhova.  It could easily have been Mledukhova, since it is a function of the Polish pronunciation rather than spelling. Mark Moorstein has corrected my misconception, and indicated that this area is indeed distinct from Medukhova, based on his first-hand research in Belarus during his trip there.
        Maliszewski, Jan                    (Korzysc 94)
        Plawska, Joz. (Jozef?)                (Ch. 137)
        Ramotowski, Ant. (Anton?)                (H. 335)
        Zdziechowska, Salomea                (Karolin 491, Mloduchowo 216)

Brickmaking Works

        Kowalewski, A. (Ch.)
        Putresza, C. (Ch.)

Iron Forges    

        Byczek, S. (Ch.)

Flour Mills    

        Dabrowski, F. (Ch.)

Pitch Manufacture        

        Kaniszewska, B. (N.)


        Kauczuk, M. (K.)