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Velikiye Komyaty



Великі Комьяти

Velikiye Komyaty Sign in "Ukrainian"


This web site is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the town of Velikiye Komyaty. As there is no Yizkor Book for Velikiye Komyaty, I have created this website to serve as a memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust, the darkest time in the history of the Jewish people.

I dedicate this site to my mother, grandmother and great grandfather Nachman Rapaport, who was the shochet of Komjat in the late 1800's til the early 1900's.

Location: Zakarpats'ka Oblast, Ukraine, 48°14' N / 22°58" E, 372 miles WSW of Kyyiv

Prior to WWI it was in Ugocsa megye, Mármaros, Hungary.
Between the wars it was in Subcarpathia, Czechoslovakia.
After WWII it was part of the Soviet Union.

Because Komjat had two sections, Big and Little Komjat, as well as the fact that it was in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and now Ukraine, it has had many names.

Other Names: Comiat, Komiat, Komiati, Komjat, Komjata, Komjati, Komjaty, Kompyath, Komyat, Komyata, Komyath Komyathy, Kumjath, Kumnyata, Kumyath, Magyarkamjath, Magyar Komjat, Nagy Komjat, Nagykomjáta, Nagykomjath, Velike Kom'jaty, Velike Komnaty, Veliki Komyati, Velikie Komiata, Velké Komjaty, Velké Komnaty and is also known as Big Komjat and Little Komjat.

Towns Nearby:

Vynohradiv (7miles SSE)

Berehove (15 miles W)

Khust (16 miles ESE)

Mukacheve (19 miles NW)

Created by Roberta Solit

with the assistance of the following people

Tuli Deutsch

Eti Elboim

Alan Hirshfeld

Joseph Grossman Z"L

Sergey Kravtsov

Shirley Rottenstein Krotki Z"L

Gershon Lehrer

Rita Margolis Z"L

Carol Nakamura

Magda Weisz Rosenbaum

Aranka Seigel

Herman Smilowitz Z"L

Ari Tesler

George Weiss

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