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List compiled mainly from records of civil weddings in Upington (1895-1962) microfilmed by the LDS Church (film numbers 1864151, 1864152 and 1864153; surnames of all couples on film 1864151, up to 1928, have been extracted by Ellen Stanton in parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6). In addition to cases in which there was no religious ceremony, civil ceremonies were necessary because for most of the existence of the Upington Jewish community, the religious leaders were not also civil marriage officers, so Jewish couples were married in court in the days preceding the religious ceremony. The most significant gap in the Jewish marriage list from the civil records is from 1949-1958, presumably coinciding with Rabbi Abrahamson's tenure in Upington. The records extracted from the microfilms are those for which one or both names of the couple are known or appear to be Jewish; the marriage certificate is shown at the link on the couple's names. Records of additional marriages are from miscellaneous other sources, mainly "The Nuricks" (Little Red Hen Productions).

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