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Ellis Island Ship Manifest Records

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
The American Family Immigration History Center

Name Residence Age Arrived
 Ermulinskj, Bruche  Tulchin, Russia  30  1910
 Ermulinskj, Leie  Tulchin, Russia  10  1910
 Ermulinskj, Schloime  Tulchin, Russia  8  1910
 Ermulinskj, Schmere  Tulchin, Russia  4  1910
 Ermulinskj, Schmilik  Tulchin, Russia  3  1910
 Ingman, Ita  Tulchin, Russia  20  1922
 Nizich, Moiche  Tulchin, Russia  20  1907
 Pawloff, Basil  Tulchin  44  1898
 Seiger, Rechama  Tulchin Podolsk, Russia  55  1922
 Woekis, Anna  Tulchin, Russia  27  1911

A more comprehensive immigration list is available through a JewishGen link to Steve Morse's Ellis Island Search Engine:

Tulchin Tulczin Tulczyn

There are additional records from the pre-Ellis Island period, when Castle Clinton, located at the Battery on the tip of Manhattan, welcomed immigrants to America. These records, maintained by the Battery Conservancy, can be accessed using the following links:

Tulczin Tulczyn.

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