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Location of Archives

Miriam Weiner, creator of the rtrfoundation.org, has provided the location of the different archives
together with an inventory of the records held in each archive.

You'll find the detail of the different locations and their contents at the Routes to Roots Foundation
(write Tulchin in the Town Name textbox and press Search)

State Archives of Vinnytsia Oblast

This archive is located at:
17 Soborna Srt., Vinnytsia, 21050 (building 1)
12 Pyrohov Str., Vinnytsia, 21050 (building 2)
Tel./fax: +380 (432) 35-26-01
Tel: +380 (432) 35-03-00
E-mail: vinn_archive@ukr.net
Web: Vinnytsia Region Archive
(In Ukrainian)

A detailed description of its holdings can be found here

Contents of Kamenets-Podolskiy City-State Archives

According to the Khmelnytsky Archive website, more than one-hundred-thousand records were
destroyed or damaged in a 2003 fire. Those records that survived the fire have been transferred
to the Khmelnytsky Oblast Archives where restoration efforts are ongoing.

Jewish Roots

This site is entirely in Russian. Google Translate allows the researcher to browse the site and get an idea
as to its contents. The researcher must be able to read and write Russian to search the site and to post to the
Jewish Roots Forum. One of the site's administrators has catalogued at least one-half of the Kamenets-Podolskiy
archive records that are now located at the Khemelnytsky archive. These records are a useful resource for Tulchyn

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