Syracuse, New York, USA

Onondaga County

Lat: 43 02' 49'' N   Long: 76 08' 40'' W

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Syracuse is located in Onondaga County in upstate New York. The city was incorporated in 1825, the same year the Erie Canal opened. The canal brought goods, people and growth to the growing city. Jews arrived in the city in the early 19th century. Some of the early Jewish settlers include Rosenbach, Garson, Sloss, Bondy, Wiseman, Thalheimer, Marshall, Light, Stone, Henochsburgs, Bloom, Shimberg, Rosenthal and Bronner families, to name a few. Many of these early settlers were from Germany. Later on in the century, immigrants started arriving from Eastern Europe, particularly the Russian Empire.

The first synagogue in Syracuse was Kneseth Sholom. It was followed by the Temple Society of Concord, the Grape Street Shul (Society of New Beth Israel), Neustadter Shul (Congregation of Kadisha) and the Rushishe Shul (Congregation Poiley Tzedeck).

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