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Velvelovich and Marcus Family

Compiled by Esther (Herschman) Rechtschafner

Josiane Velvelovich, e-mail:

We received an email from a Christian French lady. She wrote that her father–in-law, who was a Christian, had told his family that he had come to France as a soldier at the time of WWI from a small town in Lithuania. After he died, his family went through his private belongings. He was born a Jew in Sveksna. There were documents to prove this, and she sent them on to me. By information, which she sent recently, we both think that this man was a cousin of my Grandfather.

There is also a correspondence between him and his sister who stayed in Sveksna and then got married. This correspondence was in Lithuanian. The sister wrote that their Mother had died, that she got married, had a baby girl and moved with their Father to a neighboring community. The financial situation was quite bad and she asked for a bit of money.

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Here are portions of a family tree for the Velvelovich family:

Velvelovich Family Tree.

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