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Documents and Letter Regarding Velvelovich Family

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Birth Record (in Yiddish on the left, in Lithuanian on the right)

Birth Record. Birth Record.

English Translation (by Google) of the Birth Record

Birth certificate

One son or daughter: one son

Name of children: Mordechai Leib

Name and  first name of the father: Mosche Velvelovitz

Name of the mother: Cheine      Name of family: ……………

Occupation of the father: …………....

Residence of the parents: Chevekchner

Nationality: Lithuanian          Religion: Jewish

Date of birth: 6 day of month Heshvan 5648 (24 October 1887)

Date of circumcision: 13 Heshvan 5648 (31 October 1887)

Name of mohel: I Lesk M Judelovitz

Registered of the list of birth: Chevekchner

The 19th October 1889

The number 18

I Moshe Lesinas


Marriage Record (in Yiddish on the left, in Lithuanian on the right)
Marriage Record. Marriage Record.

English Translation (by Google) of the Marriage Record

Marriage certificate

Name of the fiancé: Moshé Velvelovich

Martial status (unmarried, divorced, widower): unmarried

Age 21

Occupation: ….

Residence of the fiancé: Chevekchner

Nationality: Lithuanian              Religion: Jewish

Father’s name of the fiancé: Aba  Mother’s name of the fiancé: ……………..

First and name of the fiancée: Chayne Markous

Martial status: unmarried

Age 23

Occupation: ….

Residence: Chevekchner

Nationality: Lithuanian             Religion: Jewish

Father’s name: Leib   Mother’s name …………

Date of marriage:  24 Tevet 5648 (8 January 1888)

Place of marriage: Chevekchner

Name of rabbi celebrated: Hirsh Broide

Name of the witness: Meir Judelovitel  H Samson

This certificate registered in marriage place am 16th  January 1888 and under the number 13.

This has been listed in the book of records.


Signed by "Yaakov ?" Moshe Sessinas

Family Letter (four hand-written pages in Lithuanian)
Letter Pages 4 and 1. Letter Pages 3 and 4. French Translation of the Family Letter
(PDF, 69 KB)

English Translation of the Family Letter
(PDF, 150KB)

The English translation includes material from a "Revision List Database" showing entries for five members of the Velvelovich family.

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