Secureni is the place our ancestors, of blessed memory, were born. Below you find many relevant data about this place for researchers - like us - we find useful. The sources from where the data was taken from is showed right after it.

Let's start with its current location. The old shtetl is nowadays located within Ukrainian territory, more precisely within the oblast (county) of Chernivsti. It's coordinates are 48° 27' N, 27° 25' E.


Coordinates: 48° 27' N, 27° 25' E
c.1900 to c.1830:
District Khotin,
Province: Bessarabia, Russian Empire
c. 1830 to c. 1950
District: Hotin
Province: Basarabia, Romania
c. 1950 to 2000:
Soviet Union
Today: Ukraine
42 miles E of Khotin

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Follows a list of several of its different spellings, all referring to the same place:

Sokyryany [Ukr], Secureni [Rom], Sekuryany [Rus], Sekurian [Yid], Sekurjany [Pol], Sokiriany, Sekiryani, Sikuran, Sokorone, Secureni Târg, Sekureni Targ, Targu Secureni, Sekuren, Sekureni, Sekuryani, Sokyrjany (taken from By accessing the source just quoted, you find a list of nearby villages/towns that surround it.

It is important to note that there is another place, called Secareni, located today in Moldova, east to its capital, Chisinau (old Kishinev) - which was also part of Bessarabia in the past, just like our Sokiryany.

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