Slonim, Belarus


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  1. Yizkor Books (4):

    1. Hapluga Ha-51 Korot Hakvutza Hapartizanit Shel Yehudei Ghetto Slonim (Tel Aviv, 1990)

    2. Pinkas Slonim (Tel Aviv, 1962-1979) 

    3. Tadpis shel Reshimot Yosef Dror be'Pinkasi Slonim (Tel Aviv, 1980)

    4. The destruction of Slonim Jewry: the story of the Jews of Slonim during the Holocaust (New York, 1989)

  2. JOWBR Landsmanshaft: (3):

    1. Mt. Zion Cemetery, Queens, USA

    2. Mt. Zion Cemetery, Queens, USA

    3. Mt. Zion Cemetery, Queens, USA

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    1. Slonim Uyezd Records Project

    2. Slonim, Belarus – Yizkor Book

Additional information for Slonim:

  1. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

  2. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), X, pp. 823-827: "Słonim".

  3. Shtetl Finder (1980), p. 94: "Slonim".

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  5. Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 1200-1202: "Slonim".


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Slonim, Belarus

Slonim [Rus, Yid], Słonim [Pol, Bel]

Russian: Слоним. Belarusian: Слонім. Yiddish: סלאנים

74 miles ESE of Hrodna (Grodno), 41 miles SSW of Navahrudak (Nowogródek), 30 miles W of Baranavichy

Jewish Population: 11,515 (in 1897)


Slonim, Slonim uyezd, Grodno gubernia, Russian Empire


Słonim, Słonim powiat, Nowogródek województwo, Poland


Yahad interactive map of execution sites of Jewish Holocaust victims, Yahad-In Unum is a French organization conducting research on the Holocaust by bullets throughout Eastern Europe by interviewing eyewitnesses and identifying execution sites. Each village's profile includes video testimonies, archives and photos

Jewish Community of Slonim

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