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Sarnatzky Family Photos

Pictures of Linda Hugle's SARNATZKY kin from Skidel, including the Brenners who were all murdered in the Holocaust except Anna, away at school in France. The picture labeled "Is this Nahum?" is believed to be Nahum Sarnatzky (1816-1871), who owned the original leather factory. His son Mayer (c. 1844-c. 1913) and wife Gittel Harantz (sp?).

The picture of the scroll is just a segment of a very long family scroll showing the descendants of Nahum and Liebe SARNATZKY of Skidel. It was compiled in the early 1970s by two women who wrote letters to cousins around the world and compiled their information into this one treasured piece. The stars of David show those murdered by the Nazis.

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Brenner Family

Brenner Family


Brener Pharmacy and Family Upstairs
Brener Pharmacy and
Family Upstairs

Eshka And Itzhakl

Eshka Anne Janet Gittel

Eshka Sarnatzky

Gittel Harantz Sarnatzky

Gittel Sarnatzky


Is this Nachum?

Itzhak and Eshka Brenner

Itzhak Brenner


Mayer Sarnatzky

Nahum Brener

Nahum Brener

Revekka Brener

Revekka Brener

Revekka Brener Chirurg

Revekka Brener


Revekka Yosiph Anne


Yosiph Anne Nahum Revekka Brener

Yosiph Anne Nahum Revekka Brener

Family Tree Scroll

Family Tree Scroll (Size 45" x 34")

Yosiph Brener

Yosiph Brener





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