Rokiškis Street Scenes

st scenes 1

View of the Public Market Square (now Independence Square – Nepriklausomybės aikštė).
  From the 1920s “Naujiena” photographic study of Roki
škis, part of the photographic collection of the Rokiškis Regional Museum (“RKM”), RKM 7931.  Turgus viešojoje (dabar Nepriklausomybės) aikštėje. Foto ateljė „Naujiena“ Rokiškis XX a. 3 deš. RKM 7931. All rights reserved.

st scenes 2






Another view of Rokiškis’ Independence Square during the inter-war period.  Yad Vashem Archives, Item 75199.  All rights reserved.

st scenes 3














During the First World War, the Imperial German Army occupied Rokiškis from the summer of 1915 until November 1918.  This postcard picture, which is entitled, “Rakischki Markt u. Bahnhofstrasse” (“Rokiskis market place and rail station street), shows German soldiers posing near the public water fountain that stood in the Public Market Square (now Independence Square) near Kamai Street (now Republic Street).  From the photographic collection of Aleksandras Samoilovas.  (Iš Aleksandro Samoilovo kolekcijos.)  All rights reserved.

samet 1














The Zamet / Samet Family Home on Independence Square (now 10 Independence Square).  This building was constructed in the 1920s, part of the RKM’s photographic collection, RKM 2234.  Zametų šeimos namas Nepriklausomybės aikštėje (dabar Nepriklausomybės a. 10). Pastatas statytas XX a. 3 deš. RKM 2234. All rights reserved.

peoples bank

View of the Jewish Peoples’ Bank (now 17 Republic Street), 1930s, part of the RKM’s photographic collection.  Žydų liaudies Bankas (dabar Respublikos gatvė 17). XX a. 4 deš. RKM 50996. All rights reserved.

resp gatve

View of Respublikos gatvė from Independence Square, circa 1931-1932, from the photographic album of Count Jonas Pšezdzieckis (1877-1944), part of the RKM’s photographic collection, RKM 52365/190.  Rokiškio Respublikos gatvė (vaizdas nuo Nepriklausomybės aikštės pusės).  Fotografija iš Grafų Pšezdzieckių albumo. 1931 – 1932 m. RKM 52365/190. All rights reserved.


girls 2 

Two young women before they immigrated to Mandatory Palestine, Rokiškis, 1934.  Yad Vashem Archives Item 73479.  All rights reserved.

ruch house 1
















The Ruch family home, at the corner of Independence Square and Vilnius Street (21 Nepriklausomybės aikštė), was built in 1921 by Pesach and Rachmiel Ruch on the lot identified as number 161 on the 1921 map of property owners and renters.  It overlooks the part of the market square where horses were sold at the town’s twice-annual great fairs.  During the sixth Lubovitcher rebbe’s only visit to Lithuania, in 1931, he stayed at the Ruch home for a week.  


ruch house 2013

The Ruch family home in 2013                                                           Credit:  Philip S. Shapiro


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