Schwartzberg Family


The family of Moshe Schwartzberg started out, as far as we know, in Panemunelis, but eventually moved to Rokiskis.  And the family members that we know the most about eventually emigrated to the United States, first to Massachusetts, then to New York.  Moshe and his wife (name not known) had two sons, Zalmen Shimson (born 1841) and Abba Velvel.  We don't know of any more children.

Abba Velvel had a son and a daughter, Benjamin (1891-1985) and Bessie (1892-1970).  We don't know of more children.  Zalmen Shimson had 10 children:  Riva (1866-1940), Musha (1867-?), Mendel Leibe (1869-?), Leah (1873-?), Chaim Motel (1874-?), Chava (1878-?), Israel Itzhak (1880-?), Max (1881-1918), Joseph (1883-1950), and Fanny (1889-1953).

[Abba Velvel's daughter Bessie married Morris Cantor and Zalmen Shimson married Leiba Bryna Cantor.  So there was many ties between the Schwartzberg and Cantor families.  Morris was Leiba Bryna's nephew (son of her brother Mordechai) and his wife Bessie was a niece of  Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg (daughter of his brother Abba Velve).]  Be sure to check on the Cantor connections both on this site and the Uzpaliai site. 

(Photos courtesy of Steven Weiss, great grandson of Abba Velvel Schwartzberg)

L to r:  Toba Kaplonsky Schwartzberg, Unknown, Abba Velvel Schwartzberg
Front Row:  Left, Benjamin Swartzberg (son of Toba Kaplonsky and Abba Velve Schwartzberg);  unknown

Back Row:  Meyer Jaffe (who would become one of the founders of Brandeis University and a major philanthropist)

Taken in 1906, shortly after arriving in New York

Front Row (l to r):  Lena Moskowitz Schwartzberg and Joseph Schwartzberg, Fannie Schwartzberg  (Joseph and Fannie are the children of Leiba Bryna Cantor and Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg)

Back Row (l to r):  Unknown, Benny Swartzberg (son of Toba Kaplonsky and Abba Velve Schwartzberg)

This was probably taken in Whitman, MA or Brockton, MA in about 1910.

Front Row l to r:   Joseph Schwartzberg (son of Leiba Bryna Cantor and Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg), Morris Hollander (son of Riva Schwartzberg and Chaim Hollander)

Back Row (l to r):  Max Schwartzberg and Fannie Schwartzberg (children of Leiba Bryna Cantor and Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg)

Benjamin Swartzberg, Brockton, MA 1915

Bessie Schwartzberg Cantor (daughter of Abba Velvel and Toba Kaplonsky)


Fanny Schwartzberg (daughter of Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg and Leiba Bryna Cantor) on the right with unknown, 1907 (probably taken in Rokiskis before departure for the U.S.)


(Photo courtesy of Irvina Boch Helfgott, Fanny's daughter)

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