Cantor Family

Jenny (Zelda), Sam, and Bertha Cantor in New York, 1908 (one year after Jenny and Bertha emigrated from Rokiskis)

Sam and Bertha, the children of Perel Jaffe and Zelig Aron Cantor, were brother and sister.

Jenny, the daughter of Avram Cantor and Chaya Ruchel Orolovitz, married her cousin Sam, thus remaining a Cantor for the rest of her life.  (Avram and Zelig were brothers, sons of Debra and Hersch Cantor)

[Avram and Zelig, the sons of Debra and Hersch Cantor, were the grandsons of Mina and Bunim Cantor, the great grandsons of Hersch Cantor.  Hersch is the common ancestor of this Cantor family and the Chaim Cantor family shown below.]

Chaya Ruchel Orolovitz and Avram Cantor with their grandson, Daniel Rif in Rokiskis, c. 1929

These photos, donated by Linda Cantor, honors the memory of Jenny Cantor. She lived into her nineties, was the matriarch of the Cantor family, and did much to promote interest in family.   


This is a photo of the Chaya and Chaim Cantor Family before they left Rokiskis for Ottawa, Canada.   Chaim, born 1875, is the son of Riva and Shlomo Hersch Cantor, the grandson of Sora Leah and Chaim Henoch Cantor, the great grandson of Fishel Cantor and the great great grandson of Hersch.  (and the second cousin, once removed of Avram, shown above.)

Family portrait of the Cantor Family. Left to Right: Seated:  1 - Chaya Cantor; 2 - Bainesh (Ben) 3 - Morris; 4- Chaim Cantor. Standing: 6 - Wolf; 7 -  Bessie; 8 - Bunim; 
9 -  Pauline.


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