Rif Family

Shaina Riva Cantor, born in Rokiskis in 1886, was the daughter of Chaya Ruchel Orelovitz and Avram Cantor.  Mayer Rif, born in Rokiskis in 1875, was the son of Dina and Yankel Berko Rif..  Although there is no record of their marriage, it probably took place around 1910.  They had the following children, all born in Rokiskis:  Breina, 1911-1996; Basha, 1915-1964; Zelig, 1916-1941; Dora, about 1920-1941; and Daniel, 1925-1941.  (See the
Cantor family page for more photos.)

Shaina and Mayer, along with Zelig and his family (wife unknown, children Shulamit and Avram), Basha's first husband and two children (names unknown), Dora, and Daniel were all killed in Rokiskis in 1941.  Basha and Breina and her husband and son survived the war by traveling east to Uzbekistan and after the war, returned, first to Rokiskis and then to Vilnius.  By the 1970's Breina and her family and Basha's second husband and two sons all moved to Israel.

Standing, l to r:  Dora, Zelig, Bryna, and Basia Rif
Seated, l to r:  Shaina, Daniel, and Mayer

This photo was probably taken in Rokiskis in 1937.

Photo courtesy of Linda Cantor

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