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Przemysl Surname Database

This database includes the following:

  • surname index to the Gesher Galicia Przemysl Networking Group (PNG) messages. To date, this database includes surnames through PNG message # 282
  • the surname index from Waclaw Wierzbieniec's book, Spolecznosc zydowska Przemysla w latach 1918-1939 (The Jewish Community of Przemysl in the years 1918-1939). Dr. Wierzbieniec's book is written in Polish and is available through Inter Library Loan. According to the information I have received, it can be found at the following libraries:
    • YIVO
    • New York Public Library
    • Pilsudski Institute in New York
    • Library of Congress in Washington
    • Harvard University Library
  • surnames from the 1929 Polish Business Directory (Ksiega Adresowa Polski (wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem) dla Handlu, Przemyslu, Rzemiosl i Rolnictwa, 1929). The businesses are listed due to business category. To date, the surnames included in this database are from categories Adwokaci (Lawyers) through Budowlane Materialy (Building Materials). The 1929 Polish Business Directory is available through Inter Library Loan. It can also be viewed at the New York Public Library.
All together, this database includes over 3,000 names.

When your search result is displayed, you will see the following identification:

  • PNG followed by message number (e.g. PNG # 229). This designates any name which has appeared in the Przemysl Networking Group messages. To receive PNG messages, you need to be a member of the Przemysl Networking Group.
  • WW-JCP1918-1939, followed by page numbers (e.g. WW-JCP 1918-1939 131, 132). This designates names from Dr. Wierzbieniec's book (see above).
  • BUS DIR 1929, followed by the name of business category (e.g BUS DIR 1929 - adwokaci). This designates names included in the 1929 Business Directory. To obtain a business category translation, please go to Occupation Translation Guide.
To become a  member of the Przemysl Networking Group (and to receive our messages), you need to be a member of the Gesher Galicia SIG  (this does NOT include subscription to the Gesher Galicia discussion group, which is sponsored by the Gesher Galicia SIG). Once you join the Gesher Galicia SIG, please contact Barbara U. Yeager, Przemysl Networking Group Coordinator, to be included in PNG.

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    Please note:
    • some names appear more than once in a given message or on a given page
    • at this point, this database can be searched for an exact spelling only. Since surname spelling is not always consistent, searching for a couple different spelling variations is recommended. You may also want to search for a prefix, which will display all surnames starting with that prefix.

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The Przemysl Surname Database and this webpage have been created by Barbara U. Yeager, Coordinator, Przemysl Networking Group. The searach engine has been programmed by Mark Heckman.

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For questions about researching your family from Przemysl, Poland contact Sheila Werter Schneider.

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