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These  Maramures County webpages are dedicated to Fred Fox of blessed memory, also known as Feibusch (Favish) FUCHS, who was born in Havas Mezo on March 15, 1886 and to his parents Benjamin (Benzion) Fuchs and Feiga BAUM and to his grandparents Israel BAUM/BOHM/BAIM and Rotsa FEIG who was a red-head. Grandpa emigrated on November 16, 1912 aboard the S.S.Kroonland and proceeded to Chicago where he later met and married Regina SALAMON on December 22, 1922 at Congregation Ahavas Achim on Claremont and Potomac Avenues. Grandpa loved the food and music of his beloved homeland, Romania. His favorite song was Kol Nidre as sung by Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt. He also loved "ROMANIA, ROMANIA" written by Aaron Lebedeff, a star of the Yiddish stage. Bubbe would make him "Mamaliga." Grandpa died on August 8, 1962 and is buried in the Maramaros section of Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago.
  • Leslie's recipe for Mamaliga, Grandpa's favorite
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    Latitude47°49´, Longitude 24°26´)

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