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Pavoloch was at the "center of the Pavoloch volost, Skvira Uyezd, Kiev Guberniya. It is 61 MILES or 101 km. from Kiev." Sarah Faerman,Toronto
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Aaron and Malka Stein
with their grandchildren 
Joseph Yerusalinsky and 
Anita Rosenberg c. 1907
  Samovar from Pavoloch 
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Books About Pavoloch

Memoirs and Family Stories

  • Memoir of Woolf Kossoff donated by Adam Kossoff (2014)
  • My trip to Fastov and Pavolitch by Barbara Moser (July, 2006)
  • Shnier Family Homepage. Scroll down to Lisa Cooper's link where you'll find excerpts from her book,
    "The Breadbasket," and many lovely pictures of Pavolitch from her recent visit.

  • The First Generations," Chapter II, by Bert Z. Shanas
  • Shanas,Stracovsky,Kimmelfeld,Gorstein,and Mozart families (2004).
  • "The Breadbasket," The memoirs of Pearl Unikow (2005)
  • donated by Lisa Cooper

  • The memoirs of Bernard Karasick (2001)
  • Photo of Bernard Karasick
  • A visit to Pavoloch by Keith Levit (1999)

  • Pavalitch Tales by Debra Katz 2022

  • The Story of a Pavoloch Orphan by Richard Spector (Revised 12/14/2007)
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