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Chapter 6

detail map 4:


We cross the small passage Gedimino gatve and we see on our left house nr. 116. Here lived Icikas Kaplanas. It was a big house, made of stone. Feldman, Katz and Sorelje kept their shop in this part of the house.

The  neighbour of Kaplan was  Icikas Sneideris who lived in house nr. 118. Later in this house lived Edka Shapiro- Klevanski with her family. She kept a shop. Edka and her family emigrated to America in 1939. Her husband was, already, there.


1930’s, Pakroy,  Yeruchim Klevanski and Edka Shapiro Klevanski holding Moishe Klevanski (Marshall Klavans).

Next to Sneideris on the map, we see house nr. 121, where Irmonas Kolicmanas lived.

Before the war two houses 118 and 121 were attached to one another. Sher Sneider and his family lived at the back side of  house nr.118. He sold all kinds of products.

The family Kolitzman lived at the front side of  house.nr.121.  Kolitzman had an ironmonger’s shop.

A23) 1925, Pakroy, Abba Kolitzman


We cross a small passage and we see on our left house nr. 125.
house 125; Šipiro Šmuila. Before Šipiro the parents of Frada Katz-Shapiro
Raiza and Leib Katz) lived here.

The house was used as a postoffice also

We cross, again, a small passage and we see, at our left, house nr. 133, where Girsas Kvicas lived in 1935. In the back , we see house nr. 128.  where lived Faivelis Sandleris.

At the right of house nr. 128 on the map, we see house nr. 145. Grolis Epsteinas lived here.

Opposite house nr. 128 , at the left side, we see the houses nr. 109 and 108. In these houses lived Dovydas Vasermanas and Jente Kaplanienė.

house 108; Kaplanienė Jenta
Opposite house nr. 108, we see house nr. 122.
house 122; Gatcienė Feiga
In this house lived Fiega Gatciene.

We cross the small passage and we see house nr. 120.Here lived Feiga Paciene. Her neighbour was Roche Usnus. She lived in house nr. 119.

In house nr. 117 lived Pjese Kopilavicaite.

Opposite these last three houses , we see nr. 106A , 106B, 106C and 106D on the map. This piece of land belonged to the Jewish Community. It was their property.

106 A represents the great synagogue of Pakruojis. Services were held in this beautiful synagogue, twice a year.The building is still there.

"house" 106


id. in 1937

 B represents the location of the small synagogue, where daily services were held and special services like the services for a wedding. Remember the story of the wedding of Edka Shapiro- Klevanski.

C represents the Cheder (Jewish school).

D represents the Stiebel. (see Monty Kramer's story)

The buildings of B, C and D don’t exist, anymore.

We leave the synagogue and turn to the left into Gedimino Gatve. Then we cross the Vytauto Gatve and we see on our right the houses nr. 142, 143, 144, 145 in a row, house nr. 149 in the back, and house nr. 153, 154, 155, 156 and 158 in a row, house nr.157 in the back. In all these houses lived Jewish families.

House nr. 144 and 145 :Here lived Sora Blumsohn Epstein and Israel Epstein. They had one girl, possibly two. Epstein owned the bank where Rivka worked (see also below).

House 154 and 155 are to be seen on the photos. These houses belonged to the families Leibe Lisonas (Eleson)( 154)  and Mejeris Zaksas  (155) Leibe Lisonas  was the owner of two houses( under one  number: 154).  He kept his shop in the house made of stone and the family  lived in the house made of wood. This wooden house had the colour blue, when we photographed it. After the massacre, the killers kept a big party in this “blue’house.
house 154; Lisonas Icikas-Leiba

Here the killers celebrated what they did at Morkakalnis in 1941

A22) late 1920’s, Pakroy but picture taken at Max Rubinsteinas in Shavel, The Eliason girls – l to r – Baska, Etka, and Rochka
1925, sept, Pakroy, Keren Kayemit meeting, Itza Leibe Eliason

Etka Eliason escaped the massacre and found shelter with a non-Jewish family from Kaunas. Etka survived and married a non-Jewish man. They got a handicapped daughter.

Mejeris Zaksas was a barber and his barber shop was in house nr. 155, where he, also, lived.

Golda Ulbiene ( Vilvene)  lived in house nr. 156, where she kept a shop selling all kinds of tiny things.

In house nr. 142 lived Feiga Feldmaniene.

In house nr. 143 lived Arijas Kacas.

In house nr. 144 lived Gore Epsteiniene.

In house nr. 145 lived Grolis Epsteinas.

Israel Epstein to whom belonged the Zydus Smulkaus Kredito Bankas in Pakruojis, was murdered at the Swedish Hill by the Germans. (see also:morkakalnis part 1)


 the bank


He was married to Sora Blumsohn from Linkuva. Israel and Sora had one daughter, probably two.

For Blumsohn family see:http://www.linkuva.com  

Baruch, Yankel and Mayer Epstein  were murdered at Morkakalnis.

Mayer Epstein went to Kaunas with Rivka Shapiro before the night of the invasion, but he didn’t stay there, and returned to Pakruojis.


A59) 1939, Pakroy l to r, Leibske Shapiro, Rivka Shapiro, and Sotzkeh (cousin to the Epsteins – last name unk)
1925, sept, Pakroy, Keren Kayemit meeting, Rosa Epstein Meisel

In house nr. 149 lived Salimas Zometisckas

In house nr. 153 lived Mausas Birmanas.

In house nr. 156 lived Golda Ulbiene.

In house nr. 157 lived Mira Foziniene.( Mira Rosinen).

In house nr. 158 lived Estera Cisroloviciene.

house 155; Zaksas Mejeris

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