Orlya, Belarus

Orlya [Bel], Orla [Pol], Orli [Rus], Orlova [Yid], Orlowa, Orle, Orlja, Orlia

5330' N 2459' E
, near the northern border with Lithuania, Lida District

This web site is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the town of Orlya, now in Belarus, but formerly part of the Vilna Gubernia of the Russian Empire.

Welcome to Orlya

Maps of Orlya
Yiskor Book Map Orlya Map Detail
This map, from the Yiskor Book, shows the proximity of Orlya to Zaludok, Lida, and Vilna.
This map shows the proximity of Orlya to the Nemen River.  The bridge over the Nemen River is described in the Yiskor Book chapter written by Gittel Pomerantz.

Photographs of Orlya

In Summer 2010, Rhoda Miller and Susan Stone visited Orlya as part of the Roots Tour of the Jewish Heritage Trip to Lithuania
sponsored by Howard Margol and Peggy Freedman. A full description, with photgraphs and video clips, is on the Travelogue page.


Orlya Municipal Building - Formerly a Jewish residence


Due to Orlya's changing governance and location of records in various archives, it is strongly recommended that all databases be searched.

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