Resources pertaining to Mohyliv-Podilskyy are available. Wonderful photographs, maps, and diagrams are presented. Because of rules for this shtetlinks page, we cannot republish graphics from other websites without permission. If permission is granted, upon request, we will gratefully acknowledge it. A list of resources and links is being provided here. Periodically, the list will be updated.

Several members of the online Mohyliv-Podilskyy group have travelled to the town. 


Wikipedia - Moyyliv-Podilskyi

Cemetery at Mogilev-Podolsk (Ukraine)
Cemetery at Mohiliv-Podolsk, Photos by Hauster 2010
Mohyliv-Podilskyi - Old Jadish Cemetery 
Mogilev Podolsk – Cemetery Project 
Yad Vashem Photo Archive - New Cemetery

Jews in Mohyliv-Podilskyy:
Mogilev-Podolski Synagogue 1928
Jewish Life in Ukraine’s 'last Jewish city' 

Edgar Hauster Photos - Ghetto 2010
Wikimedia Commons - Category: Mohyliv-Podilski

Travelogue & Historical Research:
Cemeteries, Synagogues, Mass Graves 
Druker’s List – My Lost Tribe
Mogilev-Podolsk Photos by Gidi & Rita Shilo 2006
Mogilev-Podolsk Photos from Mechel Surkis 2010
Mogilev Podolsk Roots Trip -2012 - by Gadi Rennert
Mogilev-Podolskiy, the lost Jewish City
Pogroms – Kishineff to Bialysotk 1903-1906 
Searching for Ancestral Memories
Soviet Union’s 'last Jewish city'
Visit to Mohyliv-Podilskyi - Thumbnail Photos

WWII Holocaust:
Children Roam Mohilev (1943) 
Jews being led to forced labor
Mogilev-Podolskiy - US Holocaust Memorial Museum
RTR - MogilevPodolskiy Holocaust Victims 1941-1944
Yad Vashem: Mogilev-Podolski
Yizkor Mohyliv-Podilskyy
Yahad in Unum Map of the Holocaust by Bullets

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