GURVITZ sometimes written RUBINSHTEIN-Gurvitz or Gorvitz (in France).

One of our ancestor was Alexsandr (nickname Aïsik) GURVITZ or R-G, who was supposed to be born in Verbovets, Vinnitsa oblast in the 1820's.

He travelled through Russia: Moscow suburbs, Odessa, and Moghilev-Podolskiy where he lived between 1865/66 to 1873 because his daughters were all born there.

He married twice.

His first wife's family was called FEDEO, may be from this city (M.P) where he married his first wife in M.P (1865-1866).

By the way there is a 1865 census for M.P. If someone could checked out and see if my relatives were written on this record :)

His second wife 's name was Sura VOLF RANCHMAN.

Olivier THOMAS



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