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Families II



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Bruria Levin, member of HASHOMER

Bruria Levin
Member of Hashomer
Jewish Defense Organization
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Bruria Levin; 1903-1990; Husband: Benjamin Sheinbaum

Bruria Levin
Husband: Benjamin Sheinbaum
Bruria Levin

Bruria Levin
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Benjamin Scheinboim; son: Yariv, b. 1923

Benjamin Scheinboim

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Barak Makleff, b. 1901

Barak Makleff
born Metula, 1901
Layish Makleff; 1899-1987; Parents: Arye Leib Makleff & Chaya Batya Cherminski

Layish Makleff
Parents: Arye Leib Makleff
& Chaya Batya Cherminski

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Bat Ami Yaalom Shaomi; 1922-1943; killed in Egypt; father: Yitzchak Yaalom

Bat Ami Yaalom Shaomi
Killed in Egypt
Yitzchak Yaalom (Diamond); 1887-1974; wife: Miriam Mania Chizik

Yitzchak (1887-1974)
& Miriam Chizik
Bat Sheva Yakovson

Bat Sheva Yakovson
Geula Goverman; 1915-2003; Parents: Dov Guberman & Dina Smolkin

Geula Goverman
Herut Goldstein; b. 1906; Parents: Arye Leib Goldstein & Dina Abramovich

Herut Goldstein
Sara Goldzweig; Husband: Baruch Joseph Barzel

Sara Goldzweig
Hulda Freiman Herschkovich; 1907-1991

Hulda Freiman Herschkovich
Isa Sade; Parents: Yitzchak Sade (CO of Palmach) & Zehava Pitzkaya

Isa Sade
Parents: Yitzchak Sade
(CO of Palmach)
& Zehava Pitzkaya
Shulamit Siton; 1880-1977

Shulamit Siton
Bat Ami Alyuvich;1904-1954;

Bat Ami Alyuvich
David Solodar; 1918-1991; Parents: Abraham Solodar & Sara ben Ami Rabinovich

David Solodar

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