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Prominent Jews

This Page is under construction; research in needed on the persons named below: 

Eliezer Aberach [son of the rabbi];

Yosef-Zev Wolfson;

Zvi Minster (ritual slaughterer and cantor];

Tuvia Rabinovitz (father-in-law of R. Meir Bar-Ilan]; his sons, R. Yosef Rabinovitz; the writer

Haim Kruger (writer];

Shmuel Rubinstein;

Yakov bar Natan Aaronovitz [R. Natan Venter];

Zvi Eitelson;

Eliahu Birzhensky;

Avraham Getz;

Haim Glickman;

Zvi and Mones Gross;

Shraga Metz;

Leib and Shmuel- Yehuda Fohan/Pohan;

Yisrael Portnoy;

Avraham and Alter Kaksett;

Avraham and Heshel Rachmil;

Shabbetai Robel;

Leib Tov;


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