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Introduction to the Mazheik Jewish Citizens List 1920-41

The List has been compiled by the Curator of the Historical Museum of Mazeikiai (Mazheik), Mr. Algimantas Muturas. Though the list cannot be said to be entirely complete, nor considered to be verifiable as a 'primary' genealogical source of information, it is the most detailed list that thus far has been compiled. It includes the names of all the members of Jewish households, including children, year of birth, address, occupation, and fate (murdered, emigrated, or killed during WWII).

The cover letter accompanying the list, written by Algimantas Muturas in Lithuanian, is included here below. It was written to Mr. Shalom Eilati. Mr. Eilati's translation follows. The several sources of the list are briefly mentioned: the Telephone Book, the 1931 "Whole Lithuania" information book, names given by Lithuanian inhabitants, names found on the computer, in books and other publications. As important and detailed as the list is, it can be considered only as a 'secondary' source of information. Needless to say, when and if additional information comes to light, it will get posted on this site immediately.

The letter in Lithuanian from the Curator to Mr. Shalom Eilati

Eilati's translation of the letter from Algimantas Muturas, Curator of the Museum of Mazeikiai

Dear Mr. Eilati,

Thank you for pleasant letter. I am late with my response, since I was very occupied. I have just finished a book about the Russian community that lived in M. until1940. Therefore I was not able to sooner complete the records of the Jewish inhabitants of the years 1920-1940. I enclose that list herewith. Please send it to Mr. Benzi Kahana. If you think it proper, you have permission to publish it on the Internet. I can't assure you that the list is full or fully accurate. I found the names and the data in the telephone book. In 1931 an information book 'Whole Lithuania' was published in Lithuania. The book included the names of merchants and industrialists. Many names were supplied by Lithuanian inhabitants. Several I have found on the computer, in books and other publications. Maybe certain names have been changed by Lithuanian misinterpretation, and possibly some are incorrect.

I have a detailed card-index and I go on completing it continuously. Much information I continue getting from the ex-Mazheiker I Lempert who lives in Vilnius . and S. Klein that also lived in Vilnius , but passed away spring 2005, also supplied much information.

Bela Gurvitch (Rosenberg) who passed away in 2004 had published a memoir. Ben-Zion Kahana knows her husband's address. Also you supplied me with interesting information.

That it with regard to Mazeikiai. As for the maps of Seda, I will send them to you on the next time. It is under preparation. The job is complicated, since all the maps were burned during WWII. Mazeikiai was also burned down. As a result, names of streets and numbers were changed. Now there are almost no people who can supply information about where people lived. Therefore the project is making progress slowly. The list of the people of Tirkslai I have sent already to B. Kahana. I have  found the house of  Iting and shortly I shall photograph it and send the picture. The list of the inhabitants of Seda I have just begun to compile.

That is all for the moment. Good luck in your work

Respectfully, Algimantas



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Compiled by Raymond Ravinsky
Updated: March, 2009
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