Frida Genkin was Interviewed by Raymond Ravinsky on 22nd April 2008,
in Kiryat Bialik, Israel

Frida's parents originated in the town of Pikeliai (Shtetl name: Pikelen or Pikel). In 1918 her father, Avram Karlik, while serving with the Soviet-Russian Army, went into a shul (Beit Knesset) in Vilnius (Yiddish name: Vilna) and was persuaded to change his name and not return to the Army. His name became Miskevic. In Pikeliai he met Frida's mother, Clara Lehrman and the couple were married in 1920.
In that year the couple moved to Mazheik.
Frida was born to Clara and Avram Miskevic in Memmel (modern-day Klaipeda), 9th May 1922. Moshe was born in 1924 and Bella in 1927.
The family remained in Mazheik until 14th June, 1941, when they were exiled to the Yakutia region of Siberia by the invading Germans. Frida's father and brother, Avram and Moshe, happened to be in Kaunas (Yiddish: Kovne) at the time the rest of the family were sent to the East. Later, Avram and Moshe found their way to Omsk, Siberia, where they joined Avram's brother, (Professor) Yevsei Karlik, who had been exiled to Omsk from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). Not knowing one another's whereabouts, Avram and Moshe and the rest of the family were out of touch for 4 years.
At the end of the War, Clara, Frida and Bella made their way to Avram's brother, Yevsei , who had returned to Leningrad. There they found Avram and Moshe, and so the family was reunited.
Frida remained in Saint Petersburg and married Boris Genkin in 1958. The couple emigrated to Israel in 1973.