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Family members near their home in the 1920's

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The letterhead of Bluma Aronowitz
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Family members in the 1920's

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The photo above:  

Aronowitz Family Photo, Mazeikiai Lithuania 1922 :
 Top Row: left to right : Zeev , Aaron, Kalman (Aaron and Kalman were twins);
 Bottom Row: Moshe, Blume Gittel, David, Clara and Max;
not pictured oldest sister Chaya who stayed in Russia.

brief history of those in picture above: 

Zeev went to Palestine;
Aaron, Dave, and Max went to Johannesburg, South Africa;
Kalman went to Palestine , then to USA;
Clara went to the USA;
Moshe and Blume Gittel remained in Mazeikiai.


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The house of Bluma Aronowitz 1922 (in the small picture her son Kalman)

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Photo above left was probably taken in Neudstadt, Lithuania:
 Blume Gittel Gordon Aronowitz and Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Aronowitz;
Yaakov Zalman died of Typhus when Kalman was eleven years old.

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from the back of photo:

1937 Mazeikiai, Lithuania
(top), left to right:
Kalman, his wife Toby Freedman Aharoni, Moshe Aronowitz, two cousins Rachmel, Zipporah (Freedman) Gross Heyman, Kalman Rachmel
Center: Blume Gittel
Taken during the honeymoon trip of Kalman and Toby. Zipporah Gross was Toby's dearest first cousin. She died July 1944 in the Kovno Ghetto together with her husband, Yiddish  poet and writer Eliezar Heyman.  Kalman and Toby were the only ones in this photo who survived WWII.