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As our ancestors emigrated and settled in new countries, they often clung to their landsmen, the people from their same town, and they often formed benevolent aid societies (landsmanshaftn). These aid societies would serve the community of landsman by making loans or grants to those in need, providing a form of community insurance. One of the functions of a landsmanshaft was to purchase society burial plots in cemeteries, so that the members would all be assured of a place for proper Jewish burial. (For more general info on landsmanshaftn, see the JewishGen InfoFile on that topic. Also see this site about New York landsmanshaftn.)

New York Landsmanshaft. Incorporation papers for the City of New York contain two incorporations for Machnovka landsmanshaft associations:

New York Burial Plots. The Machnowka Aid Association owned plots in four cemeteries in the New York area:

Philadelphia Burial Plots. The Moshe Machnovker Society has a landsmanshaft plot at the Montefiore cemetery in Philadelphia. The Society was named after a cantor from Makhnovka who was the grandfather of some of those buried there (though the cantor never came to America). It includes a couple of rows of graves with posts along the road with Hebrew inscription identifying the area. Names on the tombstones include Lieberman, Keyser (Kaiser), Litman, Spector, and Lieberman. Nathan Litman was the founding president of the Society. [Info contributed by Richard Litman.]

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