Mt. Zion Cemetery - Maspeth (Queens), NY

The Makhnovka Aid Association has two society burial plots in the Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth (Queens), New York. The second one is located on Path 37 Right, gate EL-6 (off of "East Lane"). Here is an overview of the plot:

The burial plot at Path 37, gate EL-6, is entered through this gate. The inscription on the threshold stone says "Chevra Anshei Machnovker Unt. V." (benevolent society of the brotherhood of the people of Makhnovka). The inscription on the gate itself says the same thing in Yiddish.

Front of gate left pillar. Yiddish inscription lists the names of the Fence Committee (which would have included the gate).

Nachum Landoy (Landau)
Avraham (Abraham) Green
Lace Shulman
Sam Novik
Abraham (Abraham) Doktor
Sima Kushner bat r. Zalman
Rose Feld
Rose Kahn
Sadie Stoller
Shifrah Shulman
Lottie Issacson
Dvorah Brodsky
Bella Goldstein
Chaya Korn

Inside of gate left pillar. Yiddish inscription seems to be continuation of the list of names from the front.

Sima Zips (may she rest in peace)
Gitel Dubinsky
Leah bat r. Ephroim Zips
Sadie Kantrowitz
Liba Belperski bat r. David
Menuchah Warshefsky (or Varshafsky)
Chaya Tsipes (variant of Zips, but Yiddish spelling differs from Leah above)
Rivka (Rebecca) Nisgoretzky

Front of gate right pillar. Yiddish inscription lists officers, followed by members.

Leib (Louis) Heller ex-pres
Barnet (Bernard) Fox president
Elihu (Elias) Weisberg vice-pres
Moshe Leib Feld treasurer
Ephroim Goldstein frat(?) sec
Gadoliahu Rosenstein fin(?) sec
Zelig Fein    }
Ephroim (Frank) Zips } trustees
Shimeon (Simon) Kushner
Yosef (Joseph) Piatetsky
Sholom Soroka
Moshe Weisman
Fishel Stoller
Moshe Nearenberg
Tsvi Eisenstein
Yitzchak (Isaac) Goldberg
Muni Korn
Sam Segal
Yosef Worshefsky
Pinchas Chahn
Simcha Yanofsky
Israel Tzipes (Max Zips)
Manesh Nohule(?)
Manis Solomon
Wolke Waldman
Israel Auerbach

Inside of gate left pillar. List of names of members continued from the front.

David Peck
Yosef (Joseph) Korn
Abraham Dubinsky
Abraham Bobrowsky
Chaim b.r. Lieber Belpersky
Ephraim Belper
Yaakov Moshe Bell

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